Jul 20, 2021

Feds seek lenient sentence for sex cult ‘slave master’ turned witness

Giuliana Bruno
July 19, 2021

Federal prosecutors are recommending a lenient sentence for trial witness Lauren Salzman, a former high-ranking member of the Capital Region-based sex cult, NXIVM.

They say Salzman provided “substantial assistance” to the court about the criminal activities of Keith Raniere, the former leader of NXIVM, and his co-conspirators. They say her cooperation was essential in convicting Raniere, and that her decision to plead guilty likely played a role in other defendants’ decisions to do the same.

The applicable advisory guidelines range for Salzman’s crimes, racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, is 87 to 108 months’ imprisonment.

Feds similarly asked for a sentence below the guidelines range for former actress and NXIVM member Allison Mack, who was sentenced to three years on charges she manipulated women into becoming sex slaves for Raniere.

Lauren Salzman’s sentencing is scheduled for Wednesday, July 28.

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