Jul 20, 2021


July 11, 2021

WHAT SEPARATES A CULT from other groups of passionate, like-minded people coming together in service of shared beliefs? Religions, political groups, multi-level marketing businesses, and self-help movements all fit the bill. The most common answers to this question are probably “a charismatic leader,” “no free will,” or “the inability to leave whenever you want.”

This 2016 film proves how dangerous a cult can be — all while making a point to avoid these traditional cult calling cards.

Rebirth is a 2016 Netflix original psychological drama written and directed by Karl Mueller. It stars criminally overlooked actor Fran Kranz as Kyle, a loving husband and father who uses his English degree to write social media posts for a bank. One day, an old friend tells him about a unique self-help weekend retreat known only as “Rebirth.”

Begrudgingly, Kyle agrees to attend, launching him headfirst into an experience unlike any other. At first, he’s in a hotel room and must follow clues, escape-room style, to find his way onto a bus that will take him to the actual retreat. Once he gets there, the vibe is like a rave for dads: just a bunch of men in their thirties, thrashing and cheering and chanting.

Get up. Go to work. Come home, dinner, bed, do it all again. That's life, every day, every year, until you die „ unless you've got what it takes to be reborn. Rebirth gives a new lease on life, but only if you're willing to pay the price.

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