Jul 19, 2021

CultNEWS101 Articles: 7/19/2021 (Transcendental Meditation, Exit UK, Cult Recovery, Spiritual Housing, Clergy Sexual Abuse)

Transcendental Meditation, Exit UK, Cult Recovery, Spiritual Housing, Clergy Sexual Abuse

Exit Family Support: Gavin's story

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Richard Turner

" ... Looking to woo buyers and renters who are open to the, well, woo-woo, several new developments around the country are offering meditation, healers, shaman and spiritual concierge programs — taking wellness offerings several steps beyond on-site yoga and Pilates. In an age of self-care and mental health awareness, developers are hoping the offerings will appeal to those who have embraced spirituality as part of a wellness lifestyle. But will they scare away buyers and renters on a more traditional journey?

At Gardenhouse at 8600 Wilshire in Beverly Hills, there will be monthly spiritual experiences on-site tied to lunar cycles. A cacao ceremony — that's a shaman-lead "healing" that involves blessing and then drinking a traditional bitter chocolate, intention setting and dancing or movement — is on the menu. There is also a "full moon intention ceremony," where participants verbalize and write down things they would like to let go of in journals (crystals, visualization and sage burning can also be involved). The events will take place in the building's atrium, an architectural open-air space with black Venetian plaster walls and a huge fountain with a reflecting pool.

"It really aligns with the goal of bringing wellness into the homes of our buyers," said Mike DiSilva, the Los Angeles-based development manager for the project. The 18-unit condominium also has what they claim is the largest living wall in America; condo prices start at $2.95 million.

Eran Polack, the developer of Maverick, in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, was skeptical when his marketing and sales team first came to him with the idea of hiring a spiritual concierge. "My first reaction as a New Yorker was, 'that sounds like a very California thing,'" he said."

The Times: Anglican church facing flood of claims from 90s cult victims
The Church of England is braced for a flood of compensation claims from former followers of a cult-like movement that collapsed after a sex scandal 25 years ago.

Former members of the Nine O'Clock Service, which was known as the NOS and drew hundreds of young people to nightclub-style evangelical services in Sheffield in the 1980s and 1990s, have approached the church alleging that they endured abuse and exploitation.

The Right Rev Pete Wilcox, the Bishop of Sheffield, said the survivors had given "harrowing testimonies" about their experiences, and their concerns were being taken "very seriously".
Sources said that dozens of other former followers of the movement were preparing to come forward to the church authorities to allege sexual exploitation and psychological abuse.

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