Jul 20, 2021

Hero Worship w/ Andrea Geones and Michael Laskin

Rachel Bernstein
July 14, 2021

"This week our guests are Andrea Geones and Michael Laskin. Andrea and Michael teamed up to create a code of ethics for acting classes with one goal in mind: to create a safe and healthy environment for actors. After experiencing the unhealthy and cult-like culture fostered within many acting classes where sexual, financial, and psychological abuse were the norm, they created www.findyouractingclass.com/ and wrote a code of conduct for acting teachers to agree to and endorse, as well as guidelines to help teachers ensure that they are running their classes ethically.

Andrea is a Los Angeles native. In addition to acting and piano, she has studied singing, guitar, and flute. She currently is in school earning a b.s. in nutritional sciences while she pursues her career in acting. She also is a freelance writer for online publications, including where she originally wrote about the cult-like atmosphere of acting classes. You can find her article here:

Michael Laskin has been a working actor for over 40 years, across all platforms: film, theatre, and television. Twelve years ago he started The Michael Laskin Studio, an acting studio in Los Angeles. His book, “The Authentic Actor - the Art and Business of Being Yourself” has been praised as a fresh, newly examined, and non-dogmatic approach to the work and the life of an actor.

In part one of Rachel's discussion with Andrea and Michael, The actors share their respective experiences and explain what led them to create their unique code of ethics. Andrea explores the link between Scientology and the Beverly Hills Playhouse and the origin of certain cult-like techniques in acting. Michael explains the abuse inherent in the pedagogy of some acting teachers and gives his perspective on a healthy teacher-student relationship.

Before You Go: Rachel explains how important a code of ethics can be in any industry, how it helps both teachers and students alike, and the dangers that exist when no support or oversight is available in a group."


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