Jul 7, 2023

iHeartPodcasts Unmasks South African 'Murder Cult'

Radio Ink

May 31, 2023


Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult is a new true crime podcast launched Tuesday by iHeartPodcasts in collaboration with School of Humans. Hosted by filmmaker Kurt Kubicek, the 10-part narrative series delves into the disturbing crimes committed by cult leader Cecilia Steyn and her followers in Electus Per Deus (Chosen by God) in South Africa. Over a four-year period, they were responsible for the murders of 11 innocent people.

The podcast takes listeners to Krugersdorp, a mining town near Johannesburg, where the brutal serial killings occurred. Kubicek uncovers the dark layers of the story, exploring the exploitation of belief systems, the manipulation of the occult as a cover for murder, and how abuse and fear can drive seemingly ordinary individuals to commit unimaginable acts of violence. Through exclusive interviews with South African Police Service detectives, journalists, and former cult members, Kubicek reveals new information and exposes a trail of police corruption.

Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult highlights themes of manipulation, murder, and the human longing for belonging. The first two episodes are available now, and new episodes will be released every Tuesday.



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