Nov 9, 2023

Growing Up As One of Jehovah's Transsexuals

Laura Engram

As Samantha embarks on a frantic road trip to see her father, who has recently sustained a serious and potentially fatal head injury, her recollections come unbidden. The emotional journey that follows her as she drives is one of transformation and self-discovery, marked by the pursuit of authenticity despite overwhelming odds. The inner dialog captures the complexity of human existence, filled with both horrors and moments of profound insight.

Raised in the confines of the Jehovah's Witness faith, Samantha’s childhood was marked by the suffocating grip of a cult, a narcissistic mother, and an emotionally estranged father. To survive, she must delve into the darkness of her upbringing, trying to understand herself while following the rigid paths set forth for her.
Driving and retracing these difficult roads, Samantha shares brutally honest accounts of abuse, violence, and self-harm. Yet, amidst the chaos, she weaves a thread of resilience, self-acceptance, and empathy that binds her narrative together.

Based on her own life experiences, Laura Engram’s "Growing Up as One of Jehovah's Transsexuals" is a raw and unapologetic memoir that defies convention. Laura takes readers on a tumultuous journey, decisively maneuvering through time, memory, and her quest for identity. More than an autobiography, it's a cultural critique, a social parody, and an analytical exploration of life's most profound questions. A testament to the enduring power of self-worth, no matter the obstacles in the way; it is a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of life, ultimately revealing the strength that lies within us all.

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