Oct 8, 2016

Does CC’s Open-Mindedness Extend to Religion?

by Guest Writer
October 8, 2016

First-year Tamman Montanero poses outside of Shove Chapel. Montanero is a member of the Unification Church, and attends service around the Springs. Photo by Lauren Stierman
Written by Riley Hutchings

Colorado College students are often known for trying to be open to diverse opinions, but it is rumored that this open-mindedness does not extend to religion.

Junior Chris Martin is involved in religious life in a few ways. Contrasting the rumors that CC is closed to religion, Martin is incredibly positive about CC’s open response to his faith.

Martin grew up nondenominationally Christian and continues going to church regularly at Calgary Church in town. He is also a ministry leader at a national organization called the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and a member of the Revolution Ministries group on campus.

“My initial mindset coming in here was oh, everyone is going to be super close-minded. They are going to be open to everything but Christianity. All of my interactions have been really really positive,” he said. “So it’s been really nice, being able to talk with people about it and the fact that there’s no judgment.”

First-year Tamman Montanero is a member of the Unification Church, and likewise came into school curious about how people would respond to his religious views. “When I’ve actually shared, people are always open,” he said. “It’s actually surprising. I’m used to people actually not being open to something like that or just not listening or not being interested.”

Though not of his own religion, Montanero has attended church service at different churches around Colorado Springs. “In terms of spiritual need or being connected to God,” he said, “I’ve found that as a good source.”

Unlike Martin, Montanero has not become involved in religious life on campus yet, mostly due to lack of time. Additionally, not many people here share his beliefs. He has heard of only one person at CC who grew up with his religious views. “Right now I am still trying to adapt to being on my own and having that in my life,” Montanero said.

This is in drastic contrast to his family back home, who are religiously involved. Growing up, Montanero’s father got into missionary work to gain more followers to the Unification Church.

Regarding any hostility towards his religious views, Martin has nothing negative to report. Tamman has noticed that people tend to use phrases like “Jesus Christ” in daily conversation, but he said, “It’s not taken seriously, so it’s not something that I should take seriously.”


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