Dec 19, 2016

Apostolic sect leader dishes out anointing oil

Apostolic Church of All Nations
Apostolic Church of All Nations
December 17, 2016 

The use of anointing oil as a tool to heal those with afflictions has been associated with the fast-rising men of the cloth, who lead different Pentecostal denominations.

Believers have embraced the use of oil, believed to possess the power to cure illnesses, boost businesses and stabilise struggling marriages, among other problems that affect human beings.

Zimbabweans have become so obsessed with anointing oil such that prophets have been lining their pockets through selling bottles containing the “holy liquid” at exorbitant prices.

Apostolic sects have generally been against the use of oil, accusing modern preachers of lying and duping their congregants by offering mere cooking oil.

Interestingly, some of the “white garment” apostolic sects have used a number of tools equivalent to anointing oil to heal and deliver their members from ailments or demonic possession.

These include holy water or river-bed pebbles, which they urge their members to take home at times.

A young apostolic sect leader has defied the odds and is now using anointing oil, which he distributes to his followers, while posting other bottles overseas per request from those who need it.

Isaiah Gynatsio, a prophet from Johanne Murenje Apostolic Church of All Nations, will on December 30 and on New Year’s Eve hold crusades in Chitungwiza, where he said he would preach, perform miracles and distribute “holy anointing oil” to the congregants.

The 24-year-old Botswana-based prophet, who currently leads an estimated 5 000-member church, said people should know that within the apostolic sects, Jesus could perform miracles.

“I belong to the white garment churches and people need to know that vapostori also perform miracles. Jesus lives and He uses His chosen ones to heal the sick using any tool. A lot of miracles have been happening since I began God’s work and this is the reason why the sect is growing rapidly. The thing is, people should know that God’s power is also within the apostolic sects,” he said.

Asked to comment on the anointing oil, an issue that was being condemned by other sect members, Gynatsio responded by quoting a biblical verse.

“We are a church that uses the Bible and whatever we are doing, including using anointing oil, is within the Holy Book. James 5 vs 14 says, ‘Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.’ We have been sending the anointing oil to those who need healing and deliverance even in the Diaspora and they have testified of its healing powers,” he said.

“The two-day crusade in Chitungwiza will see us distributing anointing oil for the benefit of those with afflictions. God’s power will be demonstrated in other forms.”

Gynatsio wil arrive in the country on Monday ahead of the crusade, which will see other church leaders from Sweden and United Kingdom attending.

The apostolic sect was formed in 2001 and boasts of a number of branches across the world.

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