Dec 22, 2016

CultNEWS101 Articles: 12/23/2016

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In the name of transparency, ex-Mormon Ryan McKnight hopes to "do some good" by providing an avenue for people to leak confidential information about the LDS church.

"If somebody is in possession of a document, that their conscience tells them that the public would benefit from seeing it, and they want a way to get that out, then"

McKnight burst onto the scene in October, during the church's fall General Conference, when he facilitated the posting of 15 videos showing Mormon apostles privately discussing topics ranging from gay rights to politics to piracy to, as he said, simply offer "a peek behind the curtain" of the faith's burgeoning bureaucracy.


Anne Byrne
Australian cult-leader, who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus, stole children at birth, drugged them with LSD and oversaw beatings and starvation.
Anne Byrne 'collected' 28 children and kept them in cruel conditions​​.

Shoko Asahara
A former senior member of the 

Aum Shinrikyo cult who is on death row has described the founder and “guru” he once revered, Shoko Asahara, as a “criminal” in a recently published memoir.

​​City Harvest Church
City Harvest Church founder pastor Kong Hee has posted a video on Facebook showing the police escort treatment he received in Jakarta, Indonesia, arranged for him by the organizer of his trip.

Apostolic sects
Zimbabweans have become so obsessed with anointing oil such that prophets have been lining their pockets through selling bottles containing the “holy liquid” at exorbitant prices.

Apostolic sects have generally been against the use of oil, accusing modern preachers of lying and duping their congregants by offering mere cooking oil.

Why did you decide to join an NRM, and why that movement in particular?

I was exploring the human-potential movement. I was interested in meditation. I wanted something more actively spiritual, and joined more psychotherapy-type groups. Quite a few people I knew were going out to India, discovering Osho and joining up. He was a very intelligent guru; a philosopher by training. Some movements were very devotional, but the Osho movement had this philosophical side to it as well. It was an adventure.

How long were you part of the movement?
I lived in India for five years. We left when [Osho] left India, and after a while I drifted away.

​​Benjamin Creme
On an an early January night in 1959, 

Benjamin Creme first connected with the entity he now calls the Master. That chance encounter set in motion a movement that has spanned decades, based on the idea that Creme receives telepathic communications from beyond.

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