Dec 28, 2016

CultNEWS101 Articles: 12/28/2017

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A California judge granted Jafa-Bodden’s request for assigned rights to payments from any licensing, franchise or intellectual property agreements owned by Choudhury or his yoga teacher college, including revenue streams from the studios, his “Bikram yoga” and “Bikram” trademarks, numerous domain names, and copyrights for his books and training courses.
"He’s a tough kid and smart," he continued. "Once [Scientology founder] L.Ron Hubbard died, he saw his opportunity and he moved right up and took power.”
"Dong Wook Kim admitted to using a “stick” — which police later discovered to be a two-by-four plank — to beat the boy 20 times with considerable force, according to the complaint. The pastor said that he “was really upset at the time” over the boy’s rejection of God."

"A Jehovah’s Witness preacher and elder has been jailed for having sexual activity with a girl of 14.

Family man Daniel Arthington, 46, of Llanddaniel, Anglesey, pleaded guilty at Caernarfon Crown Court and was sent to prison for two years and eight months."
Sixty-two-year-old Ramon Afaisen De Plata alleged that he was molested by Reverend Antonio Cruz, who is now dead, in 1964, when he was 10-years-old.

Mr De Plata's lawsuit is the 14th filed against Guam's Catholic Church since the government in September removed the statue of limitations that prevented historical cases from being prosecuted.

"Police open fire on followers of a sect belonging to a man named Wami Nene, who claimed to have special powers."
"Seventeen people have been killed in clashes between DR Congo police and members of a cult that believes the end of President Joseph Kabila's mandate will usher in the apocalypse, a regional governor said Thursday.

Bienvenu Esimba, governor of DR Congo's northwestern Mongala province, said the clashes broke out Wednesday in the provincial capital Lisala when members of the sect burned dozens of houses and attacked a market before launching an assault on local electoral commission offices.

“It’s the first parade of lights in Hildale,” said Donia Jessop, vice president of Short Creek Festivities, the organizing body behind the event. “It’s the first light show. It’s the first light anything.”
"A high-ranking Utah polygamous group leader charged in a multimillion dollar food-stamp fraud case agreed to a plea deal Thursday that secured his release from jail after six months."

Since 1983, the Church of Scientology has ran a Santa Claus photo-op on Hollywood Boulevard, where they hand out their founder's writings to visitors, but they deny using it to attract new members.

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