Aug 27, 2017

Carol Giambalvo's Cult Information and Recovery

Carol Giambalvo
Carol Giambalvo’s interest in cults and thought reform began in 1978 when her step-daughter began exhibiting a drastic personality change following becoming a devotee in ISKCON. She began researching cults and thought reform and lectured in local high schools, churches and civic organizations. The more information she gathered on the indoctrination processes and thought reform used in cults, the more concerns arose about her involvement in est and The Hunger Project. In 1983, she and her husband, Noel, left their associations with est, The Hunger Project and Sterling Institute and began a personal search for information to aid their recovery process. Since 1984, Carol has done exit counseling and writing in the field, as well as serving as director with several organization’s boards, organizing and conducting recovery workshops and working with hundreds of people who have walked away from destructive cults. 

Personal: Carol is married to Noel Giambalvo and currently resides in Florida. She is the parent of two children and the step-parent of three, with seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She is currently retired from family intervention work, but serves as a consultant and Director of Recovery Programs for the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) and serves of their Board of Directors, as well as serving on the board of reFOCUS.
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