Aug 25, 2017

Devil worshiper files lawsuit against Putnam City Schools

Adam Daniels in his ritual chamber in 2014.
Adam Daniels in his ritual chamber in 2014.

Carla Hinton
The Oklahoman
August 22, 2017

The leader of a group that once held an event described as a Satanic "black mass" at the Civic Center has filed a lawsuit against a school district alleging that his family has been subjected to a barrage of harassment because of their "alternative non-Christian-based religion."

In a lawsuit filed Monday in Oklahoma County District Court, Adam Daniels, with his wife Kelsey Daniels, alleges that several Putnam City School District employees at several schools have mistreated their three children and made repeated false allegations about their parenting to the Department of Human Services.

The Daniels are seeking a $300,000 judgment.

"The District has taken an adversarial stance toward the Parents of these children based largely on the fact that the Parents practice an alternative religion which is a violation of the Civil Rights of the Plaintiffs," the lawsuit alleges.

"Parent Plaintiffs were subjected to approximately 40 visits from DHS Child Protective Services of a period of years which were based on falsified allegations purported by District personnel."

The suit also alleges the district failed to provide protection for the Daniels' children from bullying and mistreatment by students and teachers and that the family was asked if they maintain a "dungeon."

In their lawsuit, the Danielses allege that in 2013, the school district became aware that their family participates in and began the local charter of Dakhma of Anramainyu and that Adam Daniels is the dastur or lead minister of this religious group. Adam Daniels' Dakhma of Anramainyu chapter held a "black mass" — a parody of a Catholic Eucharistic Mass — at the Civic Center Music Hall in 2014.

"The point of the lawsuit is to make them stop using DHS as a weapon to bludgeon us with because they don't believe in how we practice our faith," Adam Daniels said Monday in a telephone interview.

He said he and his family are practitioners of traditional Anramainyu, also known as Ahriman, "the original devil," and not Satanism as has been described in the media.

In ancient Persian (Iran) religion and books of Zoroastrianism, Ahriman, also known as Angra Mainyu, is the god of darkness, the eternal destroyer of good, personification and creator of evil, bringer of death and disease.

"He predates Satan," Adam Daniels said.

Steve Lindley, communications director for the Putnam City School District, said Monday the district had received the lawsuit but he could not comment on it because it is pending litigation.

Meanwhile, the Daniels' lawsuit shares details of one example of the alleged mistreatment of their children, centering around a school nurse subjecting one of their children who has special needs to strip searches. The suit also alleges that the same child returned from school with injuries that the school could not explain to the satisfaction of the family.

"We believe that the strip searches were to check for abuse because of what they believe we do and how we practice our faith," Adam Daniels said Monday.

"We feel like we've been forced to do this in order to protect a child who is autistic, mute and epileptic."

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