Sep 12, 2019

CultNEWS101 Articles: 9/11/2019

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"It was meant to be totally effortless. But instead of getting my Oprah on, I spent the whole of my first Transcendental Meditation session thinking. Actually, I spent it overthinking.

As I sat in the session, my brain churned over everything from not being able to pronounce my mantra, to what to order for dinner, to trying to remember whether I'd set The Affair to record. The scene from Eat Pray Love, where Liz Gilbert just can't seem to quiet her mind during meditation, flashed through my brain. My mind was definitely not still and I was far from relaxed. I left the session with a headache."

"The former head of a conversion therapy camp in Alabama who allegely used a belt to beat the "the [gay] demon" out of boys who were sent there has been indicted by a grand jury for human trafficking through a new religious home he and his wife set up in Texas.

Gary Wiggins and his wife, Meaghan Wiggins, who ran the Joshua Home, an alleged "home for troubled boys" in Burnet County, Texas, are accused of trafficking underage boys and forcing them into labor services, according to Austin TV station KXAN."

"Men who kill their partners follow a "homicide timeline" that could be tracked by police to help prevent deaths, new research suggests.

Criminology expert Dr Jane Monckton Smith found an eight-stage pattern in 372 killings in the UK.

The University of Gloucestershire lecturer said controlling behaviour could be a key indicator of someone's potential to kill their partner.

One murder victim's father said the findings could help to "save lives".

About 30,000 women across the world were killed by current or former partners in 2017 .

Dr Monckton Smith said women account for more than 80% of victims killed by their partners - and most of the time, the partner is male.

To conduct her study, she looked at all cases on the Counting Dead Women website where the woman had had a relationship with the perpetrator - as well as several extra cases such as those of male victims killed by their male partners.

The eight steps she discovered in almost all of the 372 killings she studied were:
  • A pre-relationship history of stalking or abuse by the perpetrator
  • The romance developing quickly into a serious relationship
  • The relationship becoming dominated by coercive control
  • A trigger to threaten the perpetrator's control - for example, the relationship ends or the perpetrator gets into financial difficulty
  • Escalation - an increase in the intensity or frequency of the partner's control tactics, such as by stalking or threatening suicide
  • The perpetrator has a change in thinking - choosing to move on, either through revenge or by homicide
  • Planning - the perpetrator might buy weapons or seek opportunities to get the victim alone
  • Homicide - the perpetrator kills his or her partner, and possibly hurts others such as the victim's children
The only instance where a stage in the model was not followed was when men did not meet stage one - but this was normally because they had not had a relationship before, she said."
An "EYE OPENING INTERVIEW with Lucy Donnellan (ex-Avatar Master) as she discusses her recruitment into Avatar, her excruciating journey, hypocrisy within the Avatar network and her intent to warn people about both the Avatar Course and their Advanced Intern program."

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