Sep 4, 2019

CultNEWS101 Articles: 9/4/2019

La Luz del Mundo, Transcendental Meditation, Hebrew Israelites, Yahweh ben Yahweh, Electus Per Deus, Chosen by God
"Last year, I attended in Guadalajara, Mexico, the welcome ceremony preparing the yearly Holy Supper of La Luz del Mundo, a Mexican religious movement with some five million members internationally. I wrote a short travelogue explaining why there are good reasons to believe that La Luz del Mundo is the fastest growing religion on earth. Readers would find there some general information on this Church.

I was particularly impressed by the domestic and international network of charity institutions developed by La Luz del Mundo. These institutions help the poor and the needy everywhere, with a special attention to women victims of domestic violence and Latino immigrants in the United States and elsewhere. They cater to all those in need, not only to members of La Luz del Mundo. I was pleased to be part of the jury that on May 13, 2019, awarded the FIRMA Charity Award, at the Turin Book Fair, to the leader of La Luz del Mundo, Apostle Naasón Joaquín García, and to be called to personally deliver the award to the Apostle's representative. I was not alone. The Luz del Mundo's good deeds in the field of charity and human rights earned the Apostle in the last few years several dozen such awards, including by the Mexican Parliament."

Real Clear Religion: Why Schools Are Banning Yoga
" ... [S]ome observers question the research on yoga's benefits. Amy Wax, a University of Pennsylvania law professor who specializes in social-welfare policy, in a 2016 Atlantic story criticized some existing studies on yoga and mindfulness as being of "low quality and dubious rigor." Julia Belluz, a senior health correspondent for Vox, has notedthat despite a drastic increase in recent decades in the number of studies on yoga, the research tends to rely on small numbers of participants and imperfect comparisons, among other limitations. And some parents argue that yoga's potential benefits aren't enough to justify the spending at a time when public schools already struggle with limited funding."

" ... Was Yahweh ben Yahweh, the charismatic leader of his creation, the Nation of Yahweh, earnestly empowering his flock by leading them in what he believed was the truth? Maybe he had been chosen from on high as a messiah to reveal the true heritage of black Americans.

Or was Hulon Mitchell Jr. a cult leader who gave orders to his followers to kill anyone who was against him? Who implored so-called "death angels" to bring back proof that his subjects had killed white devils by cutting off their ears and returning them to their leader? Who insisted his male followers be circumcised and performed the procedures himself?

Or was it his destiny? A pre-ordained Biblical prophecy that the government would condemn him? That the star witness was a lying Judas who would testify against Yahweh: A former professional football player turned Yahweh member, who pleaded guilty and admitted multiple killings he said were directed by Yahweh ben Yahweh?"

The three Krugersdorp serial killers who formed part of a Satanic cult dubbed "Electus Per Deus" (Chosen by God) and carried out a spate of murders in Krugersdorp were sentenced to life in prison in the high court in Johannesburg on Monday.

Judge Ellem Jacob Francis sentenced mastermind Cecilia Steyn to at least 13 life sentences while Zak Valentine was handed eight life sentences. Their co-accused Marcel Steyn was handed seven life sentences.

The trio were found guilty on 32 counts between them, including 11 of murder. The other counts include fraud, racketeering and robbery, which they committed between 2012 and 2016.

The judge described the case as the worst case he has presided over in his 18 years as a judge.

Marcel, who is only 21 years old, is believed to have been 14 when she and her accomplices went on their deadly spree."

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