Sep 3, 2019

CultNEWS101 Articles: 9/3/2019

White Supremacist, Terrorism, Exorcism, Emotional Abuse, Legal, Meditation

"A 20-year-old from Ohio that police say has self-identified as a white nationalist was arrested Saturday after reportedly making threats against a Jewish community center in Youngstown.* James Reardon Jr. from New Middletown posted a video on Instagram on July 11 that allegedly showed him firing multiple rounds with the sound of screaming and sirens in the background. The caption accompanying that post read, "Police identified the Youngstown Jewish Family Community shooter as local white nationalist Seamus O'Reardon." Law enforcement officials say that "I-R-A Seamus" was Reardon's online pseudonym. He was being held Sunday on a $250,000 bond on charges of aggravated menacing and online harassment."

"Saint Anthony of Padua in The Woodlands and The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston are listed as defendants in a lawsuit filed by a 38-year-old woman who claims a lay leader psychologically and emotionally abused her.

The 31-page lawsuit was filed in late July and lists Beth Ann Andrews as the plaintiff.

"The whole purpose of me attending the retreat was to get close to God and the Catholic faith," Andrews said.

The wife and mother of two said she decided to attend a Faith in the Fire retreat she claims was facilitated by lay volunteer Brad Rigsby, who is named in the lawsuit.

Andrews says she had no clue that the retreat would include what she called "layman exorcisms" that she claims were performed by Rigsby.

"It was a dark gym, it was cold and looking around and seeing various people laying on the floor and passed out. One woman was uncontrollably crying," she said.

Andrews described the encounter as spiritually intense, but says in an effort to grow her faith, she trusted Rigsby and then joined a ministry led by him.

Throughout the course of several months, Andrews believes she was manipulated and claims Rigsby abused his power and authority.

She alleges in the documents that inappropriate discussions regarding sexual topics also happened.

"He was encouraging me to pray while having sex with my husband," she said.

The Archdiocese and Saint Anthony's responded to ABC13's request for an interview with a letter that was addressed to parishioners in early August that addresses the lawsuit.

A portion of letter reads:

"Parish leadership promptly and appropriately responded to those concerns. The parish met with the parishioner plaintiff, immediately removed the lay volunteer from all ministry, contacted the Archdiocese and indefinitely suspended the ministries associated with the plaintiff's concerns. Saint Anthony categorically denies that the parishioner plaintiff was damaged by anything that parish leaders did or failed to do."

Andrews says she eventually left the ministry and tried a few times to report Rigsby to church leadership before she says something was eventually done.

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages and also changes made to the church's policies.

"Brad Rigsby was not a safe person and should not have been in a position of authority in the church," said Maureen Farrell, Muery & Farrell PLLC, who is representing Andrews."

Scientific American: Harsh Nazi Parenting Guidelines May Still Affect German Children of Today

"The Nazi regime urged German mothers to ignore their toddlers' emotional needs—the better to raise hardened soldiers and followers. Attachment researchers say that the harmful effects of that teaching may be affecting later generations


In 1934 physician Johanna Haarer published The German Mother and Her First Child. Her advice guided child-rearing in the Third Reich. It ultimately sold some 1.2 million copies, almost half of them after the end of the war.

In that book, Haarer recommended that children be raised with as few attachments as possible. If a child cried, that was not the mother's problem. Excessive tenderness was to be avoided at all cost.
Psychotherapists fear that this kind of upbringing led many children in Germany to develop attachment difficulties and that those problems might have been passed on to subsequent generations."
"To determine the association between meditation and yoga practice, experienced stress, and amygdala and hippocampal volume in a large population-based study. This study was embedded within the population-based Rotterdam Study and included 3742 participants for cross-sectional association. Participants filled out a questionnaire assessing meditation practice, yoga practice, and experienced stress, and underwent a magnetic resonance scan of the brain. 2397 participants underwent multiple brain scans, and were assessed for structural change over time. Amygdala and hippocampal volumes were regions of interest, as these are structures that may be affected by meditation. Multivariable linear regression analysis and mixed linear models were performed adjusted for age, sex, educational level, intracranial volume, cardiovascular risk, anxiety, depression and stress. 15.7% of individuals participated in at least one form of practice. Those who performed meditation and yoga practices reported significantly more stress (mean difference 0.2 on a 1–5 scale, p < .001) and more depressive symptoms (mean difference 1.03 on CESD, p = .015). Partaking in meditation and yoga practices was associated with a significantly lower right amygdala volume (β = − 31.8 mm3, p = .005), and lower left hippocampus volume (β = − 75.3 mm3, p = .025). Repeated measurements using linear mixed models showed a significant effect over time on the right amygdala of practicing meditation and yoga (β = − 24.4 mm3, SE 11.3, p = .031). Partaking in meditation and yoga practice is associated with more experienced stress while it also helps cope with stress, and is associated with smaller right amygdala volume."

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