Sep 9, 2019

CultNEWS101 Articles: 9/9/2019

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"Expelled from their monasteries, nuns face violence and rape in horrific 'detention centers.'"
"A new video of Neno Evangelism pastor James Ng'ang'a warning journalists and Kenyans online against publishing stories about him has emerged on social media.

In the video, Ng'ang'a, who is no stranger to controversy, vowed to deal with anybody who writes about him online or in newspapers."

"Gilbert Deya has jumped to the defense of his equally controversial preacher James Ng'ang'a over the recent foul-mouthed rant.

Ng'ang'a, the Neno Evangelism founder, was subjected to backlash for a viral video in which he castigates and insults Neno Evangelism's bishops for disrespecting his wife."

"A federal judge ordered the now-defunct sex cult NXIVM to foot $1.3 million in legal bills incurred by private investigators that it hired to follow an anti-cult specialist.

Billing itself for years as a self-help group, NXIVM shut down in 2018 after its leaders, including "Smallville" actress Allison Mackm were arrested as part of a sweeping racketeering and sexual slavery case. The group's founder, Keith Raniere, was convicted of sex trafficking, forced labor and wire fraud earlier this year. 

The secretive and bizarre group had a history of investigating critics, including allegedly trying to hack into computer of billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr., the former chairman of the Seagram beverage company who spoke out against NXIVM as two of his daughters became increasingly involved as members.

In one such investigation, the group retained Interfor Inc. to investigate the 2003 disappearance of one of its members, Kristin Snyder. Allegations that Snyder was pregnant with Raniere's baby have led some to speculate the woman was murdered or killed herself.

NXIVM sued anti-cult crusader Rick Ross around the same time, accusing that Ross had infringed the group's copyright by publishing several pages of a NXIVM manual on his website. Ross obtained the manual from a former member of NXIVM, then known as Executive Success Programs Inc., who had signed a nondisclosure agreement."

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