Jun 21, 2020

Black Lives Matter: ‘Racist’ church leaders agree to stand down

Whistleblowers say they suffered discrimination at Hope City

Shanti Das
The Sunday Times
June 21 2020

The lead pastors of a global evangelical church have stepped down after admitting that they were “racist” towards black worshippers.

Dave and Jenny Gilpin, who founded Hope City in 1991, resigned after trustees said they had created a “leadership culture that allowed [racism] to happen”.

Staff whistleblowers and former church members said they suffered discrimination at the hands of the leaders and witnessed overt racism, including rules designed to reduce the proportion of black people in the church and attract white people instead.

Hope City, part of an international network of so-called megachurches, describes itself as a “contemporary, vibrant, Christian church” that “loves people”. It has churches in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, York and Sunderland and a headquarters called the Megacentre in Sheffield.

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