Jun 23, 2020

EXIT Australia

EXIT Australia is non profit. The founder and majority of board provide their time to assist in a voluntary capacity.

Founded in 2015 we have prevented more attacks then years involved across Australia and whether clients are located interstate, inside maximum security or war zones internationally we have been able to achieve in helping them disengage from the use of violence.

Our central purpose is striving to assist those individuals who have noticed their increase in violence and are now seeking a safe exit away from this, we also collectively work with other organisations to support those wanting to leave groups that are of high demand or using coercive control against their members.

Our current board is made of members whom all have lived experience from high demand groups, Our team are all from professional backgrounds which include formers, psychologists, academics, veterans, occupational therapists and connected not for profits.

The Exit team assesses via intake the safest options for our clients, through our trusted partners we find the best support, whether that’s via intervention, mental health support, counselling for family and friends, adjusting within the community or legal assistance.

Exit also continues its assistance with a collective of organisations, domestically and internationally, including not for profits, academia, businesses, affording aid with research, education, monitoring and creating pathways in preventing people from recruitment, radicalisation or self/ group conditioning towards violent extremism or an act of terrorism.

Exit keeps all information of clients and their contacts confidential except information that is legally required when required to mandatory reporting as an example, anyone seeking to self-harm or an imminent threat to others safety.

Matthew Quinn
Founder & CEO

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