Apr 11, 2021

Creating Your #iGotOut Statement with Gerette Buglion

Creating Your #iGotOut Statement with Gerette Buglion
Writing to Reckon

A 1.5-hour free, small group confidential class this Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 4 PM EST – 5:30 PM EST (Zoom)

Pre-enrollment is necessary, as group size is limited.

This class is for anyone who has been impacted by controlling groups—directly or indirectly—and wants to express it through the written word. Experienced writers are welcome but no previous experience is required. Writing supports the integration of traumatic and/or confusing life events—finding words to express them helps the writer to make sense of their world.

We will create a confidential, safe, online environment where each participant will write and share as little or as much as they choose, with the understanding that every word written is an act of empowerment. There will be no set expectations or rules, other than to respect confidentiality and write a #igotout statement about your own personal experience. You will decide how to share your statement.

Sign Up at: https://www.igotout.org/writing-to-reckon/writing-to-reckon-f4pza-s487s-4535d

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