Apr 2, 2021

Cult leader and paedophile, who claims to speak to Jesus through visions, allowed to return to NSW commune

April 1, 2021

Self-professed prophet, cult leader and child sex offender William Costellia- Kamm will be able to return to his followers' commune on the NSW South Coast despite his continued denial of his crimes.

The 70-year-old, who styles himself as "Little Pebble" and claims to communicate with Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary through visions, was today placed on a new supervision order restricting his movements and activities until 2024.

His return to the property he owns north of Nowra will be permitted after Supreme Court Justice Stephen Campbell said the risk of Costellia-Kamm reoffending could be "adequately managed" with electronic monitoring and other restrictions.

Costellia-Kamm was released to parole in 2014 after being convicted of sexual and indecent assaults committed against two children in his cult in the 1990s.

He maintains he was falsely accused and wrongly imprisoned.

The self-professed seer claims to be in direct, revelatory communication with Jesus and his Holy Mother via monthly visions received by "divine inspiration".

Part of the doctrine he claims to have received is that he is to be the last pope and was to "re-populate a royal dynasty" after the second coming with 12 "queens" and 72 "princesses".

While still adhering to that belief, Costellia-Kamm now claims Jesus told him two decades ago to "put aside" that belief system until the second coming.

His lawyers told the court he wished to lead a "rather quiet" life, to take up residence on the cult's grounds in Cambewarra and to avoid the expense of renting in Sydney.

Justice Campbell said besides age, the offender's risk profile had changed little in the past five years.

"I remain sceptical about the defendant's disavowal of the current applicability of the 'queens and princesses' doctrine," he said, pointing to the lack of sworn evidence by the cult leader.

Concern was also raised about the defendant's relationship with a young woman, who left her home in New Zealand to join the cult soon after she turned 18.

But there was no evidence Costellia-Kamm, who the court heard has a narcissistic personality disorder and is still highly regarded in his community, had been in contact with the woman when she was underage.

The judge said conditions of the supervision order needed to manage the risk of further serious sex offending.

Under the supervision regime, Costellia-Kamm will not be allowed to sign any new leases for residences at Cambewarra without the approval of a government supervisor.

He will also have to provide that supervisor any necessary keys and access codes to allow access to Cambewarra for monitoring purposes.


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