Apr 21, 2021

TV psychic Maurice Amdur fined $180,000 for lying about losing powers

Emma James, 
The Sunnews
April 20, 2021

A British TV psychic has been hit with a £100,000 ($A180,000) court bill after lying about losing his powers in a car crash.

Maurice Amdur, 56, had sued the insurance company of the driver who hit his Jaguar XKS convertible, for £250,000 ($A450,000) compensation.

The celebrity psychic, who starred in Maurice’s Psychic World on Sky and Channel 4’s Four Rooms, had claimed he damaged his neck and spine during a car crash in London’s Marble Arch six years ago.

He said the prang stripped him of the vital concentration needed to read for clients, while his injuries left him impotent and cost him his then girlfriend.

But Judge Elizabeth Backhouse threw out his claim he could not work as a psychic reader for two years after his accident, saying it had been undermined by “fundamental dishonesty”.

The judge would have awarded him £10,454 ($A18,834) for his injuries but dismissed the claim as a punitive step.

Mr Amdur, who denied all claims of dishonesty, must now pick up the estimated £100,000 ($A180,000) legal costs of the case at Central London county court.

He was in a rare £80,000 ($A144,000) Jaguar XKS convertible when it was hit from behind by another car in January 2015.

Mr Amdur, of St John’s Wood, North London, sued the driver’s insurers over his neck and back injuries.

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