Apr 11, 2021

The Unification Church - Teddy Hose

The Unification Church - Teddy Hose
The Cult Vault
#85 The Unification Church - Teddy Hose
(2hr 18min)

"In the start of this months Unification Church coverage, spokesperson against the church, Teddy Hose, speaks with me about his upbringing in the Moonies and his life after."

"In my Cult Vault podcast interview, I go into the details of being labor trafficked on the road, confronting my parents about the Unification Church’s injustices, and being a part of the recruitment process by luring unsuspecting guests into an indoctrination center in the woods." ... The UC also had its own mandatory Kool-Aid, except it was wine with a secret ingredient that will make your skin crawl." - Teddy Hose

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