Apr 21, 2021

Temple leader allegedly raped four women telling them he was 'an incarnation of God'

Temple leader allegedly raped four women telling them he was 'an incarnation of God'
He is accused of grooming worshippers as young as four

Martin Fricker
Ben Eccleston
Coventry live
April 21, 2021

A Hindu guru is alleged to have groomed and abused devotees at a temple in Coventry telling them he is “an incarnation of God”.

Rajinder Kalia, 65, who has been branded a cult leader, is alleged to have raped four female members of the Baba Balak Nath temple in Bell Green, court documents claim.

He is accused of using his power and influence to groom worshippers as young as four.

Kalia is also accused of instructing his followers to launch an “onslaught of harassment” against anyone at the temple who spoke out against him. One follower claims she was threatened with acid attacks.

Four women seeking damages from Kalia are no longer members of the temple in Proffitt Avenue.

Allegations surrounding the undetected cult were filed by a lawyer for the women at the High Court last month, reports The Mirror.

They come after claims of rape were dismissed by the authorities in 2017 because of insufficient evidence.

Kalia returned to the temple and it was then that the cult leader is alleged to have told worshippers to “harass” those who spoke out against him.

As well as the acid attack claim, another follower says her car’s tyres were slashed after she spoke out.

A man and a woman, who worked as unpaid servants to Kalia, claim they lost £1.1million to the preacher because of the hold he had over them.

Worshippers would also pay Kalia around £12,000 each to show their devotion, it is claimed.

The Times says the guru, who lives in a gated home with a swimming pool in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, will defend the High Court claim.

One alleged victim was four when she first went to the temple with her parents an

She told The Times: “I was born into it. I didn’t know anything different. It becomes your life. I felt conditioned to think a certain way.

"If it’s dark outside and he told me it was light, I believed it was light.”

In court documents, she claims that between the ages of four and six she was told to bow at Kalia’s feet before he hugged and kissed her in “a highly inappropriate fashion”.

When she was in her 20s she was allegedly told sex acts were “a manner of worship of God”.

He allegedly used “spiritual justification” to force her to have sex, which she could not refuse out of “respect and obedience”.


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