Jan 10, 2022

CultNEWS101 Articles: 1/10/2022 (Transcendental Meditation, Podcast, India, Gurus, Scientology)

Transcendental Meditation, Podcast, India, Gurus, Scientology

A Little Bit CULTY: Episode Eleven - Master of the Cultiverse: Patrick Ryan on Transcendental Meditation
"What do Pete Rose, Grandma Walton, skin boys, Dear Prudence, Brooks Brothers suits, David Lynch, Mary Tyler Moore, Merv Griffin, Mary Tyler Moore, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds and Margaret Singer have in common? They're all mentioned in this episode, and you'll have to listen to find out why. There's just not enough room in these show notes to tell you. But don't worry, you'll be glad you listened, because Patrick Ryan can tell a culty oral history with the best of them. He joins Sarah and Nippy for the penultimate episode of Season 2, and it's a doozy that just might make you take a second look at your meditation practice. As Stefon on SNL would say, "This one has something for everyone: Yogic flying, off-brand incense, and fake CIA operatives." It's been a batshit year, kids, so enjoy 2021's last A Little Bit Culty episode drop.

More about today's guest: Patrick Ryan is a graduate of Maharishi International University. He has been a cult intervention specialist since 1984. He's the co-founder of TM-EX, the organization of ex-members of Transcendental Meditation, established ICSA's online resource (1995-2013), and has presented 50 programs about hypnosis, inner-experience, trance-induction techniques, communicating with cult members, conversion, cult intervention, exit counseling, intervention assessment, mediation, religious conflict resolution, thought reform consultation, eastern groups, transcendental meditation and workshops for educators, families, former members and mental health professionals at ICSA workshops/conferences. Mr. Ryan received the AFF Achievement Award (1997) from AFF, the Leo J. Ryan Foundation, and a Lifetime Achievement Award (2011) from ICSA. Along with fellow intervention specialist Joseph Kelly, Patrick publishes several cult news sites that are an indispensable resource for all things cult-related."

" ..At one point, Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, started using Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's meditation techniques.

Of this time, Avicii wrote, "It feels like I am in a new default mode of being which is very new and a little bit scary."

According to the book, a friend who had met Avicii prior to his suicide, had even alerted his father of his concerning meditation techniques. The friend had said that "he wasn't eating or speaking."

A day later, Avicii was dead, with his last entry reading, "The shedding of the soul is the last attachment, before it restarts."

Avicii took his own life with a glass bottle on April 20, 2018, in Muscat, Oman. "

Afternoon Voice: Scheming spirituality and scandals are on the rise
"The sacred land of Bharatvarsha has been sanctified by many spiritually attained people, since time immemorial. It is on the people whether they could recognize them or not. If anyone looks for Guru and spiritual solace outside them than looking for it within, has opted for a fake choice. These so-called Gurus, Babas, religious heads and these typical cults are a market of hypocrites to serve those who opted for false choices. Everyone in this trade has his own business module and selling point."

" ... These days' self-styled spiritual folks are well-written plots. They all have one known-unknown guru, then they have some storyboard to tell you about what made them adopt such practices, then they want celebrities, politicians and people who can pump in money as their tool to the business. A disciple who pays from his pocket to reach such entities to seek something is indirectly spending their hard-earned money in the forms of donation and goodwill, in turn, what they are receiving is an enthralled hoax."

" ... Most people are brainwashed by so-called practices of spirituality. They will never be friends with you because they don't sit with you on the floor, hug you in need, wipe your tears in pain or touch your feet considering you a good human who has visited him. It's you who makes choices and prefers to surrender. The one who needs brand value and money is nothing but a product and business.

Since they are all tax-free, they are already at least 30% better than the rest of us. On top of that, India is a country of diverse beliefs. Most people are scared, restless and can pay you to listen to comforting words and advice. Some of the time this helps (come to think of it, some of the things these spiritual gurus say make sense too, but what they say is not unique, is said by many like them), but it's the hypocrisy that makes you yield to them."
"'My parents cultivated this rebel, meaning they cultivated the individual spirit.'(They studied Scientology, and Lewis has, too, but she doesn't identify that way. "I'm a spiritualist," she said.)"

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