Jan 24, 2022

CultNEWS101 Articles: 2/24/2022 (Podcast, Masonic Lodges, Germany, Atomwaffen Division, Physical Abuse)

Podcast, Masonic Lodges, Germany, Atomwaffen Division, Physical Abuse

"A wise man once said: "Nobody joins a cult, they join a good thing." A Little Bit Culty kicks off Season 3 with the wise man himself, Mark Vicente. The epic whistleblower and stone-cold silver fox joins Sarah and Nippy to get the band back together in the first of two episodes. The trio catches up on life after making headlines and what it was really like to see the whole shitshow play out on HBO's "The Vow." Expect a metric fuck ton of ass chapping anecdotes, and to love Mark even more than you already did.

More about today's guest:  Author, speaker, and award-winning director Mark Vicente was behind the sleeper hit "What The Bleep Do We Know?!" Born in South Africa in 1965, Mark took his first photograph at age four and discovered his passion for being behind the camera. After working his way up the ranks of the camera department, his first big break came as Cinematographer on the musical "SARAFINA," starring Whoopi Goldberg. In 1992, he relocated to Los Angeles to shoot his first studio picture for Disney entitled "FATHERHOOD" From a very young age he found himself propelled to question beliefs about the human condition. His filmmaking activism led him to make a number of films, including 'Encender el Corazon', about the rampant kidnapping epidemic in Mexico. It was a bittersweet victory; the film touched people deeply, but was by association supporting NXIVM.  He made the difficult decision to pull the film from distribution and, with a small band of whistleblowers, expose their criminal enterprise.

Mark's since developed a keen  interest in exposing the coercive and duplicitous environments of high-control groups. His memoir: 'QUEST' or 'How the BLEEP did that happen?!' will be released shortly. It chronicles the many untold stories of what occurred in NXIVM , as well as he and his wife Bonnie's harrowing campaign to escape and expose the organization.  He's also in production on a film about malignant narcissism, narcissistic abuse, and trauma bonding which exposes abusive strategies. He's still looking for real life stories for his film, anyone who would like to share their story can reach out to him at his official website."

"Fine prints, copies of speeches and membership lists of Masonic lodges in Germany and beyond feature in the archive. Some documents still bear Nazi stamps.

"The Nazis hated the Freemasons," Andrzej Karpowicz, who managed the collection for three decades, told AFP.

Nazi ideology, he said, was inherently "anti-Masonic" because of its anti-intellectual, anti-elite tendencies.

The library puts some select items on show, including the first edition of the earliest Masonic constitution written in 1723, six years after the first lodge was created in England.

"It's one of our proudest possessions," Grazynska said.

The oldest documents in the collection are prints from the 17th century relating to the Rosicrucians -- an esoteric spiritual movement seen as a precursor to the Freemasons whose symbol was a crucifix with a rose at its centre.

During the war as Allied bombing intensified, the collection was moved from Germany for safekeeping and broken up into three parts -- two were taken to what is now Poland and one to the Czech Republic.

The section left in the town of Slawa Slaska in Poland was seized by Polish authorities in 1945, while the others were taken by the Red Army.

In 1959, the Polish Masonic collection was formally established as an archive and curators began studying it -- at that time, Freemasonry was banned in the country under Communism.

The collection is open to researchers and other visitors, who have included representatives of German Masonic lodges wanting to recover their pre-war history.

It is "a mine of information in which you can dig at will," said Karpowicz."

"The purported leader of the violent neo-Nazi group the Atomwaffen Division was sentenced to seven years in federal prison on Tuesday for conspiring to threaten Jews, Black people and journalists in Washington and two other states.

Kaleb Cole, 25, was convicted in September of five federal felonies, including conspiracy, three counts of mailing threatening communications and one count of interfering with a federally protected activity.

Cole, who claimed to be a political prisoner and remained unapologetic for his actions, was described by Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Woods as a man who had a talent to "instill terror" in others. "That is who he is," Woods said.

Woods said Cole had "embraced and promoted" the idea of a "race war at home." His hatred and targeting of journalists, the prosecutor added, was an "assault on the fabric of our society."

U.S, District Judge John Coughenour, who presided over Cole's trial last September, said the seven-year sentence — just three months shy of the maximum recommended by sentencing guidelines — was justified because of Cole's adherence to a philosophy of hate and white supremacy aimed at Jews and members of the media."
"Local women are breaking their silence about what they say really happened inside a Cleveland area home for children. They claim physical abuse by nuns at the former Parmadale home was well-beyond normal discipline handed out during the 1960s, and it's all taken a drastic emotional toll.

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