Jan 5, 2022

CultNEWS101 Articles: 1/5/2022 (Anne Hamilton-Byrne, Legal, Australia, Nazi, Social Media Echo Chambers)

Anne Hamilton-Byrne, Legal, Australia, Nazi, Social Media Echo Chambers

The Age: Cult survivors seeking proceeds from Olinda house sale
"Survivors of the cult The Family are seeking proceeds from the sale of a property in the Dandenong Ranges that was once home to the group's leader, Anne Hamilton-Byrne.

A legal caveat has been put on the title of the 12-bedroom house and grounds at 1445 Mount Dandenong Road, close to Olinda village in Melbourne's east, that has recently been up for sale.

The caveat was placed on the property by Leeanne Creese, a former resident of the house and a survivor of the cult.

She is the lead plaintiff in a class action brought by cult survivors against a Hamilton-Byrne-linked company and the executors of her estate.

Ms Creese declined to comment, but The Age understands the caveat relates to a financial interest in a share of the proceeds of sale that the survivors are seeking."

East Idaho News: Man pleads guilty to killing roommate he thought was starting Nazi cult
"An Idaho Falls man who reportedly killed his roommate because he felt he was starting a Nazi cult has pleaded guilty to murder.

Douglass Taylor entered the plea to the first-degree murder charge Wednesday before District Judge Bruce Pickett. Taylor pleaded guilty as part of a plea agreement that stipulates Bonneville County prosecutors will recommend no more than a 25-years-to-life sentence, and defense attorneys will recommend no less than 15 years to life.

The Idaho Falls Police Department arrested Taylor on March 10, 2020, after finding the body of his 51-year-old roommate, Hermann Hans Woerrlein. Originally from Germany, Woerrlien had moved into the sober home for those with mental illnesses on the corner of Higbee Avenue and 17th Street, where Taylor and others lived."

" ... During questioning, Taylor reportedly said he killed Woerrlein because the man was trying to start a new cult with Nazi German mythology, and he did not tolerate proselytizing."

Study Finds: Social media 'echo chambers' radicalize people, make them more likely to turn violent
"Social media echo" chambers" can be an ideologically reinforcing place for some, since their morals match everyone else's in the group. However, a new study finds these places online also lead to radicalization.

Researchers from the University of Southern California say members of online communities whose views constantly receive positive reinforcement from others are also more likely to become violent. Understanding how some people become radicalized online has become a priority for security services, especially since the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Now, scientists have narrowed down what kind of language people who are at risk of becoming radicalized use in their posts, some of whom may be willing to die defending their group's values.

"In our research, we find that the more people are in morally homogeneous environments, the more likely they are to resort to radical means to defend themselves and their values," says study author Dr. Mohammad Atari in a media release.

Examining incels in the 'bubble'

The researchers examined more than 25 million internet posts on Gab, a social media network which typically attracts far-right users, including voices like Richard Spencer and Alex Jones. They found users were more likely to use derogatory language against other groups if their posts aligned with others on Gab.

In another study, the team analyzed 900,000 posts from an online community on Reddit, created for people who identify as "involuntary celibates." Incels are people who are generally unable to attract a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one and frequently post hateful or violent comments about the opposite sex."

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