Jan 14, 2022

CultNEWS101 Articles: 1/14/2021 (Flat Earth, Video, Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa, India, Legal, Spain, Evangelicals)

Flat Earth, Video, Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa, India, Legal, Spain,  Evangelicals

"What would make anyone think the earth is flat? What is at the core of the conspiracy mindset? ALEX OLSHANSKY, M.A., is a Doctoral Candidate in the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University. Alex examines how people cognitively process science misinformation and conspiracy theories, with a special interest in Flat Earth conspiracies.

MARK from Talk Belief delves into Alex's amazing research, research which took him and his colleagues to Flat Earth conferences and to dedicated Flat Earthers themselves. But what is the psychology behind it all? What makes a Flat Earther tick?"
"Almost two weeks before the Union Ministry of Home Affairs refused to renew the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) status of the Kolkata-based Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa, the Vadodara city police had booked a case against the NGO under the Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act for allegedly "hurting Hindu religious sentiments" and "luring towards Christianity young girls" in the shelter home run by the organization.

On Friday, a Vadodara court adjourned for the third time the anticipatory bail plea filed by two nuns of the Home for Girls, with the court directing the city police to 'clarify' the use of Sections 3 and 4 of the Act, whose application had been stayed by the Gujarat High Court in August.

Section 3 of the Act prohibits conversion "by use of force or by allurement or by any fraudulent means or by marriage or by getting a person married or by aiding a person to get married" while Section 4 prescribes the penal provisions.

District Government Pleader (DGP) Anil Desai, who appeared for the Vadodara city police in the case, informed Additional Sessions Judge R T Panchal that an intimation from the office of the government pleader in the High Court was awaited.

Police has resisted the anticipatory bail plea by the nuns while alleging that a woman was "forcefully converted" in the institution, that the girls in the shelter were being served "non-vegetarian food" and were being to read books on Christianity, according to Desai.

The Vadodara police FIR, lodged on December 12, is based on a complaint by District Social Defense Officer Mayank Trivedi, who had visited the Home for Girls run by the Missionaries of Charity in Makarpura area of the city along with the Chairman of the district Child Welfare Committee on December 9.

According to the complaint, Trivedi found that the girls inside the Home were being allegedly 'forced' to read Christian religious texts and participate in prayers of Christian faith, with the intention of "steering them into Christianity".

A release from the Vadodara city police on December 13 said, "Between February 10, 2021, and December 9, 2021, the institution has been involved in activities to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus intentionally and with bitterness (towards Hindu religion). The girls inside the Home for Girls are being lured to adopt Christianity by making them wear the cross around their neck and also placing the Bible on the table of the storeroom used by the girls, in order to compel them to read the Bible… It is an attempted crime to force religious conversion upon the girls."

The Vadodara Police are also investigating a specific case of a Hindu woman from Punjab, who was allegedly married into a Christian family by the organization after being allegedly forced to convert to Christianity."
"When Kent Albright, a Baptist pastor from the United States, arrived as a missionary to Spain in 1996, he was unprepared for the insults and threats, or the fines from the police for handing out Protestant leaflets on the streets of Salamanca.

"Social animosity was big — they had never seen a Protestant in their life," said Albright, recalling one woman who whispered, "Be thankful we don't throw stones at you."

He couldn't have imagined that 25 years later, he would be pastoring an evangelical congregation of 120 and count about two dozen other thriving Protestant churches in the northwestern city. And there's a distinctive feature to the worshippers: Most of them are not Spanish-born — they're immigrants from Latin America, including about 80% of Albright's congregation.

The numbers reflect huge surges in Spain's migrant population and evangelical population in recent decades, producing profound changes in how faith is practiced in a country long dominated by the Catholic church."

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