Jan 26, 2022

Book Launch – Radical Transformations in Minority Religions

Inform online launch of "Radical Transformations in Minority Religions", edited by Beth Singler and Eileen Barker

    February 10, 2022
    5:30  -  7:30 pm GMT (London, UK)
    Via Zoom

About the book:

All religions undergo continuous change, but minority religions tend to be less anchored in their ways than mainstream, traditional religions. This volume examines radical transformations undergone by a variety of minority religions, including the Children of God/ Family International; Gnosticism; Jediism; various manifestations of Paganism; LGBT Muslim groups; the Plymouth Brethren; Santa Muerte; and Satanism. 

As with other books in the Routledge/Inform series, the contributors approach the subject from a wide range of perspectives: professional scholars include legal experts and sociologists specialising in new religious movements, but there are also chapters from those who have experienced a personal involvement. The volume is divided into four thematic parts that focus on different impetuses for radical change: interactions with society, technology and institutions, efforts at legitimation, and new revelations. 

This book will be a useful source of information for social scientists, historians, theologians and other scholars with an interest in social change, minority religions and ‘cults’. It will also be of interest to a wider readership including lawyers, journalists, theologians and members of the general public.

Respondents will include


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For more information on "Radical Transformations in Minority Religions":

Table of Contents

Part One: Internal Forces Leading to Radical Changes

  1. Radical Changes in Minority Religions: Reflections - Beth Singler
  2. What Did They Do About It? A Sociological Perspective on Reactions to Child Sexual Abuse in Three New Religions - Eileen Barker
  3. Children of Heimdall: Ásatrú Ideas of Ancestry - Karl E. H. Seigfried
  4. Varieties of Enlightenment: Revisions in the EnlightenNext Movement around Andrew Cohen - André Van Der Braak
  5. "Not all Druids wear robes" - Countercultural Experiences of Youth and the Revision of Ritual in British Druidry - Jonathan Woolley

    Part Two: Technology and Institutions as Drivers of Change

  7. Santo Daime: Work in Progress - Andrew Dawson
  8. A Song of Wood and Water: The Ecofeminist Turn in 1970s-1980s British Paganism - Shai Feraro
  9. When Galaxies Collide: The Question of Jediism’s Revisionism in the Face of Corporate Buyouts and Mythos ‘Retconning’ - Beth Singler

    Part Three: Change as a Part of a Process of Legitimation

  11. Regulating Religious Diversification: A Legal Perspective - Frank Cranmer And Russell Sandberg
  12. Revision or Re-Branding? The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in Australia under Bruce D. Hales 2002-2016 - Bernard Doherty And Laura Dyason
  13. Appendix to Revision or Re-Branding? The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church 2002-2016 - PBCC
  14. Diversification in Samael Aun Weor’s Gnostic Movement - David G. Robertson
  15. Using the New Religious Movements Framework to Consider LGBT Muslim Groups - Shanon Shah

    Part Four: New Prophecies or Revelations

  17. Digital Revisionism: The Aftermath of the Family International’s Reboot - Claire Borowik
  18. The Mexican Santa Muerte from Tepito to Tultitlán: Tradition, Innovation and Syncretism at Enriqueta Vargas’ Temple - Stefano Bigliardi, Fabrizio Lorusso, And Stefano Morrone
  19. From the Church of Satan to the Temple of Set: Revisionism in the Satanic Milieu - Eugene V. Gallagher
  20. The ‘Messenger’ as Source of Both Stabilization and Revisionism in Church Universal and Triumphant and Related Groups - Erin Prophet


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