Jan 20, 2022

CultNEWS101 Articles: 1/20/2022 (Reparative Therapy, Conversion Therapy, Legal, Canada)

Reparative Therapy, Conversion Therapy, Legal, Canada
" ... Canada joined approximately a dozen other countries who have banned conversion a therapy, a discredited practice that is used in an attempt to change the sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression of LGBTQ individuals.

"As of today, it's official: Conversion therapy is banned in Canada. Our government's legislation has come into force - which means it is now illegal to promote, advertise, benefit from, or subject someone to this hateful and harmful practice. LGBTQ2 rights are human rights," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted on Friday.

Tactics used in conversion therapy range from talk and aversion therapy, as well as medical or drug-induced treatments, according to nonprofit No Conversion Canada. A 2019 survey of more than 2,000 transgender and nonbinary Canadians found that 11% had undergone conversion therapy, according to Trans PULSE Canada."

Gender Dysphoria Alliance (GDA): Canada: Conversion Therapy Ban
"Today,  December 7, 2021, the Canadian Senate passed Bill C4 making conversion therapy practices a federal criminal offence. They did so unanimously, without any debate or input, despite receiving 4000 emails from concerned constituents in the past 24 hours.

On the surface, this may seem like good news because, like most people, we oppose conversion therapy, as commonly understood – coercive, abusive efforts to make gay people straight. But, we did lobby for changes to the wording of this legislation for several reasons:

It conflates "gender identity" with sexual orientation, which are not the same thing.

Their definition of conversion therapy doesn't specify coercion or any other method, thus overreaching into ethical types of therapy.

It uses the unscientific, unmeasurable terms "gender identity" and "gender expression" rather than the clinical terminology "gender dysphoria" or "gender incongruence" making it unclear what is considered permissible treatment for the clinical condition of gender dysphoria.

Due to the uncertainties, this legislation is likely to make counsellors afraid to work with clients who have gender dysphoria and it will make it difficult for counsellors to develop competencies. What will this mean for people with gender dysphoria who either don't want medical interventions or can't take hormones for medical reasons?  This Bill doesn't allow people to choose which therapy they prefer or need.

From the beginning, we recognized this Bill for what it is. (HINT: it's not about conversion therapy)

This Bill is a political maneuver to code Queer Theory into law, and undermine any other theoretical or clinical model. They rushed it through ahead of the release of the upcoming version 8 of the WPATH Standards of Care. (See below) It is not a coincidence that this Bill has been aggressively pushed by activists just as gender specialists all over the world have been sounding alarms about unsafe practices in gender medicine, and the need for psychological perspectives.

Fortunately, the legislation in Canada does include this exclusion clause:

For greater certainty, this definition does not include a practice, treatment or service that relates to the exploration or development of an integrated personal identity — such as a practice, treatment or service that relates to a person's gender transition — and that is not based on an assumption that a particular sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression is to be preferred over another."

New Website: Gender Dysphoria Alliance (GDA)
Our Mission: Educate about Gender Dysphoria (GD)

We believe:
There are different types of GD (e.g. HSTS, AGP, ROGD, DSD-related)
People with GD deserve care and dignity
When we understand GD, we have agency in our own lives and decision-making
Support should be tailored to the individual. Different types of GD have different needs
If certain types of GD are considered unmentionable, we reinforce shame
GD is a condition, not a culture. We are free to have our own cultures and values.

Advocate for safe, evidence-based care
We believe:
Safe-keeping is not "gatekeeping"
Clinical practices should be based on peer-reviewed evidence, not activism or ideology
Thorough assessment, mental health care and education are essential
Debate, enquiry and scientific methods are pillars of competent clinical practices

Support those who detransition or desist
We believe:
Detransition is a valid choice that deserves respect and care
Many people with GD do not find relief from medical interventions
Many people with GD choose non-medical solutions to their distress
Sometimes other experiences are mistaken for GD

Support women's and LGB sex-based rights
We endorse:
The realities of biological sex
Women's sex-based rights
LGB sex-based rights
We wish to build bridges and mend relationships with other communities
We DO NOT wish to violate the rights of others
We have both rights, and responsibilities to society

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