Feb 16, 2022

CultNEWS101 Articles: 2/16/2022 (Lawrence Ray, Legal, Clergy Sexual Abuse, Podcast, John of God, Brazil)

Lawrence Ray, Legal, Clergy Sexual Abuse, Podcast, John of God, Brazil

Daily News: Accused acolyte of Sarah Lawrence sex cult leader served as his madam: feds
"A devotee of a Sarah Lawrence College cult leader recorded him beating a victim in a Manhattan hotel and served as a madam in his sick sex ring, prosecutors charge in new court papers.

The role of Isabella Pollok — who was indicted alongside Lawrence Ray in 2021 for serving as his "trusted lieutenant" in the creepy cult — was thrown into sharp relief in a Manhattan Federal Court letter filed Monday. Prosecutors wrote that Pollok stood apart from other young victims, giving the most detailed description yet of her alleged participation in Ray's scheme.

"In contrast with the other college roommates who became the defendant's victims, Pollok became his trusted lieutenant within the Enterprise, acting as his lead agent in carrying out extortion, sex trafficking and money laundering for the benefit of the Enterprise," Assistant U.S. Attorney Danielle Sassoon wrote.

Pollok, 30, was so committed to Ray that she arranged prostitution dates for one of his victims — and then reveled in Ray's beating of that same victim, prosecutors wrote."

SI Live: Former Staten Island priest charged with molesting Pa. boy, report says
"A former Staten Island priest has been charged with molesting a Philadelphia boy decades ago, according to a report.

The Rev. James Garisto, 73, was arrested Thursday and charged with endangering the welfare of children, corruption of minors and indecent assault, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. He is accused of attacking the child hundreds of times from 1995 to 2002, according to the report."

Butterflies and Bravery: Lost In Salvation: Abandoned in the Name of God
"Our guest this week shares her enthralling story of overcoming incredible odds. When her parents felt called to "serve the Lord" in another country, Joyce and her younger brother were abandoned in Brazil. While Joyce was able to navigate and survive the cult, her brother had a difficult time surrendering himself completely to the cult teachings. He was a rebel, and they did not like rebels. After severe and cruel punishment didn't work, he bounced around from commune to commune, eventually ending up on the streets of Brazil. Joyce shares the heart breaking story of the unforgettable events that followed and how she learned to stand on her own feet."

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