Jan 9, 2016

Church warns flock

Sikeli Qounadovu
The Fiji Times
January 09, 2016

THE Methodist Church in Fiji has sent out a circular to all its circuits to be wary of a Korean cult sect that is in the country.

President of the Methodist Church Reverend Tevita Nawadra said they were given the warning through its Methodist partner in Korea, the Korean Missionary Fellowship in Fiji.

Mr Nawadra said its communications department was informed to ensure announcements were made in all Methodist churches of the presence of the cult sect.

"The problem with this Korean cult sect is that it is misinterpreting the Bible for its own gain, and this worries the church."

Mr Nawadra said it had a strong relationship with the KMF and therefore would not take any of its warning lightly.

He said word from its Korean counterpart that Good News Mission, Good News Church, International Youth Fellowship, Grace Road Church and Grace Road Company were a Korean cult.

A letter circulated by the Korean Missionary Fellowship had accused the church as a "cultic movement" and that the fellowship wanted to "sound an alarm to all Fijians to be wary."

"These churches have been announced by the mainline churches in Korea as cultic movements, hiding their identity they are now trying to expand their influence in Fiji.

"These cultic movements are already proven harmful in Korea."

Church superintendent and IYF mind educator pastor Kim Jinsung has denied these claims stating they were baseless.

Speaking through a translator, Mr Jinsung said many who entered their organisation had opened up their hearts and felt at peace with the teachings they received.

He said there were many people who criticised them without any reason, even in Korea.

Mr Jinsung added that a lot of people criticised Jesus as well, in particular the religious sect.

The letter further stated that the IYF had been deceiving its followers by misinterpreting teachings from the Bible to push their own agenda.


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