Jan 18, 2016

IYF refutes 'cultic movement' claim

Sikeli Qounadovu
The Fiji Times
January 9, 2016

THE International Youth Fellowship has denied allegations made by the Korean Missionary Fellowship in Fiji that it is a cult movement.

Mind educator and superintendent pastor Kim Jinsung said a lot of these claims were baseless.

Speaking through a translator Mr Jinsung said many who entered their organisation had opened up their hearts and felt at peace with the teachings they received.

He said there were many people who criticised without any reason even in Korea.

Mr Jinsung added that a lot of people criticised Jesus as well, in particular the religious sect who judge.

He added it was a bad attitude to spread rumours.

A letter circulated by the Korean Missionary Fellowship has accused the IYF as a "cultic movement" and that the fellowship wanted to "sound an alarm to all Fijians to be wary".

The letter further stated that the IYF had been deceiving its followers by misinterpreting teachings from the Bible to push their own agenda.

Isikeli Ralovo, who has been a member of IYF for the past three years, said the organisation had helped him get back on track.

After ten years of "wandering", he managed to set his priorities right and since leaving school in 2002, he has returned to complete his studies for a Bachelor of Law at the University of the South Pacific.

With 2000 members in Fiji, the IYF focuses on the mind and how it plays a crucial role in the future of everyone.


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