Jan 29, 2016

Satanic Temple Rattles Colombia; Leader Promising Wealth, Sex to Devotees?

Latin Post
KJ Mariño
January 29, 2016

Satan and Beelzebub, as illustrated in Milton's 'Paradise Lost'.
A satanic temple is currently the subject of profuse criticisms in Colombia. While the "Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple" has a legal status under the Colombian law, authorities are looking into the activities that are carried out in the temple.

Catholicism had been the official religion of Colombia since the Spanish colonization until the constitutional reform in 1991. Ever since Catholicism remained the main religion of the nation, the presence of the satanic temple is causing a major commotion among Colombians.

According to Quindío's Governor Carlos Eduardo Osorio and Archbishop Pablo Emiro Salas of nearby Armenia, the satanic cult should recognize that Satanism is prohibited under the national constitution. But cult leader Victor Damian Razo aka Hector Londoño Villegas, who built the temple in Montenegro, insisted he's not practicing Satanism, Latin Correspondent noted.

During his interview with Colombian magazine Semana, Rozo explained that his object of worship is Lucifer, the angel expelled from heaven, and not Satan. He also detailed that he built the temple, which reportedly cost $200,000 (400 million Colombian pesos), through the financial help of multiple sponsors abroad.

Rozo further revealed that his first follower was his wife, Yeimi Florez. He also explained why he believed that worshipping Lucifer is an "act of rebellion."

"I can conceive of itself as an act of rebellion, but we have the freedom to discover the reality, the truth," Rozo said. "We are not Satanists. [We] do not worship the devil. [We] worship an angel named Lucifer, which was initially conceived as an angel of light, love and peace."

Rozo also shed some light regarding the four inverted crosses in his temple. While the symbolism of crosses is sacred for the Catholics, he claimed that the inverted crosses denote opposition for them. In addition, he also explained the difference between Satan and Lucifer.

"Satan was conceived in our minds as an angel of God, as a devil, depending on the culture of each country," he said. "The best ally of religions is the devil, without it there would be no religions."

In Christianity, Lucifer was cast out of heaven after organizing a rebellion against the Creator, which led to sin and him becoming Satan. Thus, local publication Crónica del Quindío claimed that Rozo is a liar, saying he is a "pentagram of contradictions."

Rozo's cult doctrines were also questioned especially when claims circulated that he promises wealth and lots of sex to his devotees.

"We are lovers of sex and lust," Rozo said. "When we talk about all that stuff, obviously we do in freedom to choose good or bad, what I do and what not, within a range of constitutionality and respect for others."

Meanwhile, Rozo is expected to host a convention to the parishioners of Beelzebub within the next few months despite the criticisms the cult has received.


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