Jan 18, 2016

Nori in the News

Nori Muster
Nori Muster

Nori in the News
Discovery TV "Temple of Doom" documents the 1986 murder of an ISKCON member; one episode in the Discovery TV series, Deadly Devotion.

Amazon.com an interview and award for Nori's first book, Betrayal of the Spirit.

Book Reviews a collection of Betrayal of the Spirit reviews, including Publisher's Weekly.

Freedom of Mind Steve Hassan's interview with Steven Gelberg and Nori Muster.

Children of ISKCON vs. ISKCON media coverage when the children of ISKCON filed a complaint against ISKCON for child abuse.

Faith Christian Cult newspaper and radio coverage of a dangerous cult uncovered on the UofA campus in Tucson.

Celebrating Research links to Nori's papers on file with UC Santa Barbara Special Collections.

Misc. Interviews radio and Internet interviews, 1990-present.

Birth Announcements Variety, the Los Angeles Herald & Express, and The Cash Box.

First Earth Day appearing in a student film, April 22, 1970, when Van Nuys Junior High celebrated the first Earth Day.

Arizona Republic 1970 article - "My Daughter Dresses Funny," by Nori's mother.

Subjects Covered contact Nori for more information on these issues.

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