Apr 5, 2016

Anti-Scientology billboard finally up in Los Angeles

Carlos Greer
Page Six
April 4, 2016 

Anti-Scientology billboard finally up in Los Angeles
Former Scientology members Phil and Willie Jones'anti-church billboards finally went up Monday morning in LA, after two outdoor-ad companies allegedly booked, then canceled the ads due to pressure from the church.

Lamar Advertising put up one sign in Echo Park and is cutting nearby trees for greater visibility, says Scientology blogger Tony Ortega. The Joneses plan a "dedication ceremony" on Wednesday.

Their ad criticizing Scientology's alleged practice of "disconnection" from family members reads, "To my loved one in Scientology . . . Call me."

It was first booked to go up outside church leader David Miscavige's office last month. He was at the launch Saturday of a 45,000-square-foot Scientology center in Atlanta.


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