Apr 28, 2016

Couple targeted by FLDS neighbors talks about changes

Mike Watkiss
April 28, 2016

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For nearly a decade, Ron and Jinger Cooke have lived under siege, targeted by their FLDS neighbors in the twin border towns of Colorado City, AZ and Hildale, UT because they are not followers of FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs.

For several years, the Cookes and their three children were denied water and power hook-ups to their Colorado City home by the FLDS-controlled utilities. They also were relentlessly hassled and abused by the community’s FLDS faithful and members of the FLDS-controlled Town Marshal’s Office.

The Cookes sued and won a judgment in federal court -- more than $5 million. Today the Cookes are among a growing number of people who are not followers of Jeffs and who are now helping take Colorado City and Hildale in a new direction.

We have followed the Cookes' story from the beginning and recently we sat down with them again to talk about the winds of change now blowing along the Utah/Arizona border.


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