Apr 21, 2016

Hindu spiritual guru Ravi Shankar claims IS snubs his invitation to talks

Tripura Correspondent
April 24, 2016

Hindu spiritual guru Ravi Shankar is of the view that the growing terror of IS can only be curbed through military might as there is no scope for dialogue.

He was speaking to reporters in Tripura’s capital Agartala on Thursday before leaving for neighbouring Assam after completion of his three-day visit to the state.
On peace talks with the IS and ways to stop its violent campaign, the spiritual guru, who heads the 'Art of Living', said, “I have made several attempts. We are working in Iraq in a big way. We are also working in Kurdistan where the threat perception is very high.
“Of late we are also supplying food and other facilities. We have opened our first Ayurvedic hospital in Iraq... I had invited them (IS) for a dialogue but they sent me a picture of a beheaded man and told me that only in that state they could have dialogue with me.
“So there ends the story of dialogue, but we will have to pursue the path of peace with firmness… And of course, we need the help of military to curb these violent campaigns in the Middle East.”
Ravi Shankar stated that at present in India there was a growing trend of politicising all issues, including anti-national activities, which according to him was undesirable.
Asked if the ‘environmental compensation’ of Rs 50 million fined by the National Green Tribune on Art of Living for ‘damaging’ the Yamuna flood plain during the World Cultural Festival held a month back was politically motivated, Ravi Shankar said, “It is obvious.”
Holding a series of meetings across the state, he claimed his efforts would be to bring total literacy, employment and peace to India's northeastern region.
He added that there was huge scope for skill development, organic cultivation and Ayurveda in the region. 
  Ravi Shankar, who arrived in Agartala from Manipur, urged the militant outfits active there to hold peace talks with the government.
The 59-year-old said his aim was to unite all cultures, religions, faith and ideologies.

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