Apr 5, 2016

Arrested for rape, five followers of Moon sect

A college of Sucre denounced them & sexual abuse and trafficking
Kattya Valdes
Reason (Print edition)
April 5, 2016

(Google Translation)

Five members of the Moonies, accused of raping a college in 2014 in an initiation rite held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, were arrested as a preventive measure in criminal Palmasola. The defense of the victim reports that congregation continues to operate.

It took two years for the Japanese Seichiro S., leader of this organization, was sent to prison along with Alvaro RN, Giancarla C., A. and Neyda Mery Angela T. A Crisosto CM, Diego Armando E. and David are PA he gave alternative to preventive detention.

Offenses. "The charge was for two offenses: trafficking in persons and rape, but the judge 3rd Instruction in Criminal Matters of Sucre, Ximena Mendizabal, ordered the preventive detention only five people who had participated in the rape," reported yesterday Sergio Vildoso this newspaper, the young lawyer.

ARB went to the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, known as Moonies, in January 2014, according to the complaint was abused by the leader and other members in an initiation rite performed in the capital Santa Cruz.

Vildoso said that this organization continues to function. "There are young people living in their facilities and do not know under what conditions".


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