Apr 4, 2016

THE BILLBOARD IS UP: Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ on view in Los Angeles

Scientology’s ‘disconnection’

Tony Ortega
The Underground Bunker
April 4, 2016

"After two previous companies turned them down, Phil and Willie Jones were successful today in Los Angeles with their plan to protest Scientology’s disconnection policy with a billboard asking Scientologists to call their loved ones.
Phil and Willie Jones are former Scientology members who can no longer communicate with their two grown children, Mike and Emily Jones, who are employees of Scientology’s inner “Sea Organization,” which requires them to sign billion-year contracts and work nearly around the clock for pennies an hour. Because Phil and Willie are no longer in the church and have criticized it, their kids have been told to cut off all ties with them as part of “disconnection.”
The Las Vegas couple has kicked up a row with Scientology since they arrived with a television film crew in Hollywood, trying to see their kids. Then, Phil came up with the idea of the billboard, which simply asks Scientologists to call their loved ones, with a link to a website they’ve put up about the disconnection policy. With the help of readers from this website, they raised more than $10,000 in a single day with a GoFundMe siteto pay for a billboard.".......[more]

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