Apr 5, 2016


April 4, 2016

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The RAELIAN, MOVEMENT AIMING AT EMBASSY OF WELCOME FOR THE ALIENS (RESERVOIR DOGS SHOW, MONDAY 'April 4, 2016) - One of the great mysteries that divide the public concerns for many years extraterrestrials, but also in this field are there any news. He explains Reservoir Dogs Show thanks to a service Enrico Lucci envoy who met us for some members of the Raelians . It is a movement that takes its name from the founder, Claude "Rael" Vorilhon, star of numerous sightings and more. Everything happened in 1973, when Rael, coming back from work, she had her first contact with alien civilizations. And from there his life changed forever, much to call them, thousands of people like him who believe in aliens and flying saucers. One of the Raelians respondents, Siro, has written a book about his experience with the green men, entitled "The extraterrestrials brought me to their planet." According to his testimony, Siro would be taken from a flying saucer where he would meet the aliens that describes quite low, type 1 meter and 25, the classic olive skin. Enrico Lucci noted that aliens, if they existed, would be able to solve the age-old problem of delays to public transport, since it is moving at the speed of thought. No more queues so because the transport. Another of the interesting features promoted by the Raelians is that anyone can get in communication with the aliens through the transmission cell phone plan. It ignores the fact that what exactly, but it seems that it is enough the laying on of hands of the leaders of the movement to make this possible. The Raelians also look at the world through different eyes, thanks to Paradism, a kind of advanced communism where the human being will no longer work because they will be replaced by machines. Movement can count on 40 years of history and the main objective, it says the leader, is to build the embassy official in which to welcome the Elohim, or the aliens. And where do all this if not in Jerusalem? Requests by the Raelianstowards the Israelis were multiple, but strangely have so far received only waste.

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