Jun 4, 2016

Moonies offer olive branch to former cult leader who died in Bedford

 Former 'Moonie' Dennis Orme gives tribute to his 'beloved' wife Doris and her work as a 'spiritual pioneer'
By Bedfordshire On Sunday
Posted: June 04, 2016

BEREAVED: Former 'Moonie' Dennis Orme gives tribute to his 'beloved' wife Doris and her work as a 'spiritual pioneer'

A WIDOWER of a founder of a notorious religious group widely known as the 'Moonies' has paid tribute to his late wife as a 'restored Eve'.

Doris Orme travelled the world organising the Unification Church, criticised for its brutal pre-marriage ceremonies, sex rituals and its tyranneous former leader Rev Moon.

Mrs Orme and Mr Dennis Orme (pictured) split from the church after a public fall-out with the church's leader Rev Moon and returned to Mr Orme's hometown Bedford in 2014.

But she continued to give revelations after she left the church. Her daughter Donna Collins, who has written exposés of the abuse she suffered as a 'Moonchild', described her mother as a 'Joan of Arc' in a tribute poem.

She passed away in Bedford Hospital after a long battle with Alzheimer's.

Mrs Orme, who died aged 86 on April 28, openied the UC's mission in Italy in 1965 and later directed the church's operations in England, California, Washington DC and its international 'One World' crusade.

The UC church has been heavily involved in promoting international peace but has been accused of brainwashing its members and conducts mass weddings of thousands of couples.

In its early days the UC was criticised for wedding rituals that saw betrothed couples beat each other with bats and, after marriage, perform a three-day sex ceremony in front of a portrait of late leader Rev Moon.

Mrs Orme leaves behind daughter Donna Collins and husband Dennis, 77, who was educated at Bedford Modern School and describes himself as a Bedfordian.

Mr Orme said: "Doris was a fantastic lady. She had the spirit of God inside her and she touched many lives. She was for peace and loved God."

Dennis and Doris left the church 24 years ago after they publicly questioned Rev Moon's practices but the UC sent a tribute to Mrs Orme, which admits that 'our paths diverged quite widely' but acknowledges her as a 'spiritual pioneer' and 'our elder sister' , offering their condolences.

Mrs Orme went on to publish a book 'God speaks to Doris' containing seventy revelations from 1993-2006- including a warning to the US that if they live by the sword they will 'die by the sword' and criticising America's involvement with Iraq


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