Oct 11, 2016

Boom in clairvoyants that Moscow didn’t see coming

Marc Bennetts, Moscow
October 11, 2016
The Times

The Russian Orthodox Church is more popular than ever, but many Russians are also seeking pagan forms of healing.

As Russia’s economy flounders, its people are flocking to self-proclaimed witches, psychics and clairvoyants in search for magical solutions to their problems.

The so-called magical services industry is thought to be worth billions of pounds every year, with occult practitioners able to earn an estimated £13,000 a month in big cities such as Moscow. The Russian Academy of Sciences says that there are about 800,000 occult and faith healers operating in the country, compared with 640,000 doctors. It also estimates that 67 per cent of Russian women have sought help from a psychic or sorcerer. The figure for men is…

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