Apr 11, 2022

A Master Class in Manipulation w/ Daniel Barban Levin

A Master Class in Manipulation w/ Daniel Barban Levin

IndoctriNation Show
April 6, 2022

"Daniel Levin is an award-winning writer living in Los Angeles. He holds an MFA in poetry from the University of California, Irvine, where he taught creative writing and rhetoric. His writing has appeared in Provincetown Arts, The Sarah Lawrence Review, The Westchester Review, and The Bennington Review. During his time at Sarah Lawrence College Dan, as a 19-year-old sophomore got involved with Larry Ray, the leader of what turned out to be a dangerous cult. Dan has written about these harrowing experiences in his new memoir SLONIM WOODS 9 A stunning firsthand account of the creation of a modern cult and the costs paid by its young victims. In the first half of their two-part conversation, Daniel shares with Rachel how he first came into contact with Larry Ray the dangerous cult leader, currently on federal trial for sex trafficking, extortion, conspiracy, and a string of other crimes. He discusses how Larry was able to evade detection on campus even while living in dormitories. Together Rachel and Daniel examine what he was feeling as he fell under the control of this manipulative and dangerous man, pointing out the red flags and explaining what prevented him from seeing them at the time. Before you go: Rachel addresses the most asked question cult survivors get; "why did you stay"? with regard to Daniel but also in general pointing out the commonalities of those who linger in abusive situations."


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