Apr 27, 2022

CultNEWS101 Articles: 4/27/2022 (Greek Life, Podcast, Radicalization, Events, SGA, Larry Ray, Legal, Rajneesh )

Greek Life, Podcast, Radicalization, Events, SGA, Larry Ray, Legal, Rajneesh 

As a first year student at the University of Maryland, Lucy Taylor welcomed the sisterhood and built-in community that Greek life promised. But after accepting a bid into a 'top-tier' sorority, she left after seven months inside a toxic stew of rampant sexual assault, slut-shaming, misgogny, and racism. Lucy shared her experience in season one of her podcast, SNAPPED, and after an outpouring of responses she's continuing to use the series to help other former sorority and fraternity members share their all-too similar and all-too-horrific stories. On the cusp of spring, when Greek Week events and semi-formals are about to pop off on college campuses far and wide, Lucy joins Sarah and Nippy for an important conversation about the dangers of a beloved campus tradition. She shares why her experience in the panhellenic scene was hellish,  and how the bait-and-switch recruitment tactics and gross coercive control methods that are rife throughout the Greek system are a whole bunch of culty. Before you ship your kids off to college, make sure you listen to this one.
Evvie Ormon; Sunday, June 26, 2022; 12:00 PM-12:50 PM
In the cult survivor and cult expert space there is a noticeable lack of visibility of racialized bodies. So little mention about racialization of bodies within cults, how racialized experience impacts the risk of cult recruitment, and the racialized identities of survivors of color who exit cults into a world that is often nearly as hostile and authoritarian towards their ethnically identifies bodies as the coercive groups they left behind. This talk is an opening, a crack to let light into considerations of racialized survivor experience with hopes to expand this conversation, and invitations to research the lives, challenges, healing journeys, and to visibilize the living bodies of cult survivors of color. Brought by a 2nd Generation cult survivor of color, this talk is at once an invitation to depth, reflection, and looking forward into what is possible.

NY Post: Harvard grad says 'sex cult' leader forced her to wear diapers, use pacifier
"A Harvard grad testified in Manhattan court Monday that she was forced to wear diapers and suck on a pacifier thanks to accused Sarah Lawrence sex-cult leader Larry Ray.

Felicia Rosario, 39, told a federal jury that Ray's abuse of her also included him binding her with zip ties and duct-taping her mouth — in addition to urging her to have sex with strangers and record the encounters for his pleasure.

"I felt completely humiliated, degraded, debased – like I was nothing. Like I was dumb-looking, worthless," Rosario told jurors about her relationship with Ray, under questioning by federal prosecutor Mollie Bracewell.

Rosario — whose brother testified earlier this month that Ray forced him to wear diapers, too — said she was drawn under the older man's influence after being introduced to him by her brother in the fall of 2011 while she was working to finish her medical degree at Columbia University. She had already graduated from Harvard University."

The Guardian: Sins of My Father by Lily Dunn review – surviving a cult
"Lily Dunn was six years old when her father left his wife and two young children, walking out of the family home in London, without any mention of when he would be back. He bought a one-way ticket to India, travelling to an ashram in Pune with a woman he met in a strip club, who wanted to introduce him to her guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, also known as Osho. Sins of My Father has its roots in a memorable 2016 Granta essay, and has become a memoir of two lives: her father's, rippled with grandiose drama, and her own attempts to harness the pain that he left in his restless wake. Dunn describes the severing of family ties as "this operatic rupture of flight". This is a desperately sad story, but there is beauty in its crisp, cold clarity.

Dunn's father – named by initial, but then referred to as "Dad" or "my father", which has a steadying effect, both intimate and distant – took to life in the Rajneesh cult, and much of this story is about his time as a devotee of the Bhagwan. He joined a great number of white, wealthy westerners whose search for enlightenment found a home in the Bhagwan's teachings and communes. In 2018, the Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country told the story of the cult's move to Oregon in the United States, introducing its orange-clad sannyasins to a new generation. Dunn is not dismissive of the cult's appeal, and is surprisingly empathetic towards its followers, considering the havoc it wrought upon her own life."

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