Apr 11, 2022

New Age Spirituality in the USA: Meet The Shamans, Gurus and Cult Leaders of America

Java Discover
October 25, 2022

"Is the USA undergoing a spiritual awakening, or is it falling victim to fake gurus and new age cult leaders? In an America in search of meaning, gurus, healers, shamans and other modern wizards have become the new providers of worth. Festivals, retreats and detox courses promising spiritual wellness are multiplying. We follow emerging gurus like Unicole, who is convinced she was sent to Earth by aliens to start a new religion and uses social media to gather followers. Meanwhile, in Hollywood, Shaman Durek is adored and charges his disciples nearly $1,000 per hour to attend a seance. However, there is a fine line between a spirituality coach and a professional crook. We follow the comeback of James Arthur Ray, sentenced to ten years in prison when three of his members died during a ceremony, as he re-establishes himself on the spirituality circuit in Las Vegas. This documentary was first released in 2020."

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