Apr 30, 2022

CultNEWS101 Articles: 4/29/2022 (Event, Fernando Karadima, Nature Boy, Legal, Hillsong, Podcast, Mindfulness)

Event, Fernando Karadima, Nature Boy, Legal, Hillsong, Podcast, Mindfulness

The present talk reflects on my experience of 30 year being a follower of former Roman Catholic priest Fernando Karadima. I will share a brief journey of my personal experience about being captured and reborn after 30 years of abuse. The presentation combines my actual life experience with the most recent definition of spiritual abuse and the key characteristics of it. I will confront life experience with academic concepts that bring light to both experience and concepts.

11Alive: Police reports offer new details on arrest of alleged DeKalb cult leader 'Nature Boy'
"Eligio Bishop, the alleged cult leader known as "Nature Boy" was arrested after a former member of the cult who identified herself as his girlfriend said he posted revenge porn "because she left him."

That and several other details about the case of Bishop, who has allegedly led more than a dozen followers in the "Carbon Nation" cult as well as spread his influence with a robust social media following in the tens of thousands, are revealed in police reports released to 11Alive on Wednesday.

According to the reports, the woman told police that "she had joined a sex cult in which her boyfriend is the leader" and that "she did live together with Mr. Bishop and he has posted sexually explicit videos of her and him without her consent on Twitter."

She said he had posted four videos "without her consent and wants to press charges."

Bishop, she added, had directed "other women/girlfriends to hit her, which led her to escape."

That contact with police, on March 30, led to an investigation that resulted in Bishop's arrest on April 14."

Bobbie Houston sacked over the failures of her husband.

"Two weeks after Hillsong co-founder Brian Houston resigned in disgrace, his wife Bobbie had been dismissed by Hillsong.

Brian Houston, who co-founded Hillsong with his wife in 1983, resigned as global senior pastor on March 21, less than a week after the board of Hillsong Church revealed that he had sent inappropriate text messages to a staff member and spent time with another woman in a hotel room during a Hillsong Conference.

However, the status of Houston's wife, Bobbie, who started Hillsong Church along with Brian, has remained a mystery. Brian and Bobbie had acted as joint leaders of Hillsong; however, Bobbie did not resign at the same time as Brian.

And why should she? What has she done wrong? If anything, she is the innocent victim of her own husband's antics."

" ... It certainly appears that Bobbie intended to carry on with her ministry despite her husband's disgrace. However, Hillsong Church, it seems, has decided to 'call time' on her ministry career. On Saturday, the Hillsong board sent a message to church members that referred to the news that Bobbie Houston was leaving the church but failed to mention that it was a forced redundancy rather than a voluntary

"Dan Lawton is a mindfulness instructor and writer, with a specific interest in the adverse effects of meditation practice. Dan is a certified instructor in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through Brown University and spent four years teaching meditation in New Orleans.

Dan spent a decade practicing meditation, primarily in the Vipassana and Western Insight traditions and completed roughly 15 silent retreats. He now mentors other meditators struggling with adverse experiences through the organization, Cheetah House. Before teaching meditation, Dan worked as a newspaper reporter in California and Louisiana."

" ... In this first half of their two-part conversation, Dan provides some cultural and historical background on the Vipassana and Western Insight traditions explaining how these practices changed as they reached the west in the 1950s. Dan goes on to share with Rachel the details of experiencing what he calls non-referential terror as a result of intense meditation practice. Together they discuss the findings of Dan's deep examination of the structures that led to his previously inexplicable emotional terror.

Before You Go: Rachel gives insights into the response from the meditation community that Daniel and previous guest Dr. Britton have elicited and explains the relationship between meditation and executive functioning skills in the brain."

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