Apr 20, 2022

THE PERILS OF PAULETTE: My life as a Stowaway, Tabloid Reporter, Travel Writer, Scientology-Basher, Holocaust Survivor & More


A Life that Reads Like a Movie…

• Paulette Cooper was the first person to really expose Scientology – and they retaliated with “Operation Freakout,” having her arrested and almost killed.

• She successfully illegally stowed away for a week on a luxury ocean liner.

• She authored 26 books and traveled the world for free as a travel writer.

• She wrote hundreds of stories for the National Enquirer, and interviewed Marlon Brando, Jackie Kennedy, and many other A-list celebs.

• She survived the Holocaust in orphanages as a child after her parents were murdered in Auschwitz – in a story with as many twists as a thriller.

The Perils of Paulette is filled with amazing stories…from life in Palm Beach to (kinky) well-known celebrities. Brutally honest, fascinating, hilarious, and heartwarming, this is a unique can’t-put-down writer's memoir topped by a romantic happily-ever-after story.

The Perils of Paulette: Reads like fiction but it’s all true!

It's available (with 55 color photos) on Amazon as a paperback or e-book, or, if you want to buy an autographed copy, e-mail me at PauletteC@aol.com

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