Mar 2, 2023

CultNEWS101 Articles: 3/2/2023 (Workshops, CE Credits, Families, Sex Trafficking, Opus Dei, United Talmudical Academy of Kiryas Joel, Satmar Hasidic)

Workshops, CE Credits, Families, Sex Trafficking, Opus Dei, United Talmudical Academy of Kiryas Joel, Satmar Hasidic
March 12, 2023, 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST, CE Credits Available.   Anyone can attend.

This presentation will give a model for conducting a family consultation. Factors such as who should be included in the consultation, how to help the family to communicate with their family member strategically, and how to decide what kind of intervention would be most helpful will be discussed. The speaker will include special situations, e.g., where there has been a divorce, how to help families reach a consensus when members disagree on how they should proceed, and what to do when the cult member has cut off communication.

William Goldberg, LCSW, PsyA, is a clinical social worker and psychoanalyst with almost 50 years of experience working with former cult members. He and his wife, Lorna, co-lead a support group for former cult members, which has been meeting for about 45 years. It is the oldest group of its kind in the world. In 2007, Bill retired from the Rockland County, NY Department of Mental Health, where he directed several programs and clinics. He is presently an adjunct professor in the social work and social science departments of Dominican College, and he is on the faculty of the Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies. Bill has published numerous articles in books and professional journals. Bill is a frequent speaker at ICSA conferences, and he and Lorna have been the recipients of the Authentic CAN Hall of Fame Award and the Leo J. Ryan Award.

International Journal of Coercion, Abuse, and Manipulation (IJCAM): The Power of Career Counseling: Preventing Sex Trafficking
Krystal D. Humphreys, Wendy Helmcamp, and Janet Hicks

Abstract: Human trafficking is quickly becoming one of the world's largest criminal industries. Many of its victims are children and adolescents. Traffickers often prey on the vulnerable, promising them a better life. Tactics, such as grooming, coerce victims into prostitution or other forms of human trafficking. This paper reports research on generational changes between Millennials and Generation Z that increase susceptibility to sex trafficking. Based on interviews conducted with school counselors, low personal achievement and poverty may increase a youth's chance of being sex trafficked. Because of this, career counseling offers a realistic method for achieving self-sufficiency through future job opportunities. This article offers information on sex trafficking and details specific career counseling strategies to prevent youth susceptibility to sex trafficking.
" ... Opus Dei is a small but powerful organisation within the Catholic Church officially known as the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei.

Its members believe they are called to serve God not just through personal spiritual acts, but also through how they conduct themselves in their professional and family lives.

They abide by strict conservative teachings and generally maintain a level of secrecy, often choosing not to volunteer their membership to people outside the church.

Opus Dei is notable for being the Catholic Church's only "personal prelature", meaning its global membership is determined by personal criteria instead of a geographical area, as would be the case with a local diocese.

Its special status has invited controversy, with some Catholic scholars likening it to a "church within a church" and criticising the amount of influence it wields."
"For years, Kiryas Joel, a bustling village north of New York City, has run one of the most unusual public school districts in America.

The village is almost entirely populated by Hasidic Jews, and the district was created to serve just one group: Hasidic children with disabilities. Most other children attend the community's private religious schools, which stress the rigorous study of Jewish law and prayer but offer little instruction in secular subjects.

Created a little over 30 years ago, the unique public school system immediately drew concerns that a school district created for members of a single faith could never separate itself from their religious institutions.

Then, in 2009, New York auditors identified a glaring conflict of interest: Two of the school district's board members had voted to use tens of millions of tax dollars to lease a building from a private religious school organization that they also helped run.

Since then, the conflicts have grown, a New York Times examination has found, with millions in public education dollars continuing to flow into the same religious school organization and its affiliates.

Based on thousands of pages of public records, the review showed that the small public school district is now paying more than $2.4 million a year — about 5 percent of its annual budget — to companies affiliated with the private school organization, the United Talmudical Academy of Kiryas Joel, a nonprofit that wields enormous influence in the cloistered community in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.

Founded in the 1970s in Orange County by members of the Satmar Hasidic group, Kiryas Joel now has more than 30,000 residents.

The U.T.A., as the organization is known, provides schooling for most of the children in Kiryas Joel, which was founded in the 1970s by a group of Hasidic Jews who had set out to form their own religious village. (Hasidim are distinct from‌‌ modern Orthodox Jews, and others who strictly follow religious law, because many of them do not integrate their lives with contemporary society, devoting themselves instead to preserving centuries-old traditions.)

The Kiryas Joel Village Union Free School District operates one school and one early childhood education center. Records show it has an annual budget of about $40 million, with about a quarter of that money coming from local property taxes.

Rather than pay for new construction, as state auditors said it should have done, the Kiryas Joel district has leased even more space from the U.T.A., which controls more than $325 million in assets, and an affiliate. It has also paid the U.T.A. and its affiliates for the use of classroom and parking lot space and a swimming pool."

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