Mar 4, 2023

CultNEWS101 Articles: 3/4-5/2023 (Podcasts: Lawrence Ray,Abuse-trafficking,IndoctriNation,Abuse-child,La Luz del Mundo,A Little Bit Culty)

Weekend Podcasts

The IndoctriNation Podcast: Reclaiming Stolen Youth w/ Felicia Rosario and Daniel Barban Levin

"In the first half of this very special two-part episode. Rachel speaks with author Daniel Barban Levin who had previously come on the show to discuss his excellent memoir SLONIM WOODS 9, about his experience getting into, surviving, and getting out of the now infamous coercive control group that began at Sarah Lawrence College. Joining Daniel this time will be Felicia Rosario who is also a survivor of the group's master manipulator Larry Ray, who thankfully is now serving a jail sentence of 60 years for his many awful abuses. Felicia who is a Harvard and Columbia Graduate was pulled into Larry's cult through her brother Santos who had briefly dated Larry's, Daughter Talia.

Both Rosario and Daniel are featured in the new Hulu documentary STOLEN YOUTH: INSIDE THE CULT AT SARAH LAWRENCE
The film's director Zachary Heinzerling had reached out to Rachel and her colleague Dan Shaw in the early stages of production to get a better sense of how to ethically portray this story from a perspective that was respectful of the survivors and not re-traumatize them in the process, they had met regularly for some time and his work can now finally be seen by the public as to provide the audience with a nuanced understanding of how anyone can get sucked into a manipulative, high control group.

The film which is available now for streaming offers striking first-hand interviews with con man Larry Ray's victims and incorporates personal audio tapes and video recordings to tell the story of his grim 10-year influence over a group of young people. The series follows the story from the cult's origins in 2010 on the Sarah Lawrence campus until its recent demise when the last members find their own paths to survival.

Throughout this cathartic and engaging conversation, Daniel and Felicia both begin to unpack the trauma of their experiences with Larry. With Rachel's encouragement, they provide insights into the new perspective they've gained after telling their stories through the film, reassessing what happened with a new distance from the abuse they finally broke free of."

The IndoctriNation Podcast: Familial Trafficking w/ Isami Daehn

"Isami Daehn is a subject matter expert on anti-human trafficking and child safety. She grew up in Japan and was raised by professional con artists under the guise of "missionaries." Her home was an unsafe place for children, as her mother became her sex trafficker at the age of 9. Since leaving her abusive home as an adult, her mission has been to become a voice for the exploited and abused within religious settings and educate leadership on the subjects of anti-human trafficking and child safety. Isami has a B.S. degree in interdisciplinary studies (Graphic Design/Communications+Psychology), has completed professional training in global and domestic anti-human trafficking, has an active ICF coaching certification, and has appeared on multiple shows/podcasts internationally and within the United States. Her story of resilience has allowed her to connect with thousands of survivors across the globe. She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, with her husband.

Isami shares with Rachel the childhood traumas she endured as a sex trafficking victim at the hands of her mother and the dangerous church community of the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement. Throughout the conversation, Rachel outlines the common practices of isolated church communities that lack the structure and accountability measures necessary to keep their followers safe in instances of abuse. Together Isami and Rachel emphasize the difficulties survivors face when coming forward and how abusers rely on these obstacles to protect themselves from the consequences of their horrific actions, which too often go unpunished."

The IndoctriNation Podcast: Unsilenced w/ Meg Appelgate

"Meg Appelgate is the CEO of Unsilenced, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to stop institutional child abuse by empowering self-advocates to promote lasting social change. The organization envisions a world where youth are free from institutionalization and the voices of young people are respected in the development of their own mental, emotional, and physical well-being. At the age of 15, Meg was abducted by two strangers in the middle of the night from her California home and was told that "she was coming with them". 8 hours later she found herself at a lockdown treatment facility in Boise, Idaho. Then, 6 months later, she found herself in an additional behavioral modification program in northern Montana where she spent the next 3 years. After graduating college, with a degree in psychology, completely oblivious to the abuse she had experienced, Meg spent the next 17 years dedicating her life to serving on various non-profit boards to help them with board development and recruitment and expanding their programs to further their impact. It wasn't until she was well into her non-profit career that she woke up to the abuse and brainwashing that plagued her childhood and the effect it had on her entire adulthood. It was then that she became determined to pair her love of giving back and helping those in need, with her dedication to empowering other survivors of institutional abuse. Meg brings to Unsilenced an extensive background in non-profit management, board development, and fund development. She is actively involved with and serves on the Board of Directors at Laura's House and The Shea Center. When she doesn't find herself fully immersed in new ideas for fundraising and development, Meg loves traveling to see new places with her husband and 4 children. In this candid and revealing conversation Meg shares with Rachel the harrowing experiences of her adolescence that inspired the work she does today. Throughout the discussion, Rachel relates to Meg the insights she's gained from her years working with people who've been negatively impacted after encountering dangerously unprofessional practitioners in the therapy field. Before You Go: Rachel reiterates how silencing whistleblowers allows abuse to continue and exemplifies why communication is a fundamental human need by explaining the genesis of the obscure Chinese language of Nushu."

"If you haven't heard of the Sarah Lawrence Sex Cult, it is perhaps time to get out from under that rock you're living under. Also, you should listen to our last episode with Daniel Levin, for which this episode is part two! But essentially, after being released from prison, Ray moved into his daughter's student residence just 30 minutes north of Manhattan and began terrorizing her friends through physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. This lasted a shocking ten years before Ray was finally arrested and held accountable for his wrongdoings.

Our guest today is Zachary Heinzerling, the director behind the Hulu docuseries "Stolen Youth," which depicts the cult's bizarre development with real footage (which is, by the way, not for the faint of heart)." 

"Around the same time as Jeffrey Epstein's infamous arrest, another billionaire was going to court for similar appalling crimes. Naasón Joaquín García, the ongoing leader of the Light of the World non-traditional La Luz Del Mundo (LLDM) church is currently serving a maximum of 16 years and 8 months in prison for the sexual abuse of minors. The self-proclaimed "Apostle of God" was eventually denied bail after setting that bail at $50 million, which according to the California Attorney General, was the highest ever imposed on an individual by the Los Angeles County. The denial came about because prosecutors feared his extremely loyal followers might actually raise the cash.

We spoke to Sochil Martin who was born into the LLDM and broke away from it after a lifetime of abuse. The outspoken survivor and whistleblower shares her experience–from being raised in church's clutches and ultimately fleeing, to helping federal agents bring García to justice, and how she's healing now."

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