Mar 9, 2023

CultNEWS101 Articles: 3/9/2023 (Mennonite, Women, Abuse, Polygamist, The Legionaries of Christ, Unification Church)

Mennonite, Women, Abuse, PolygamistThe Legionaries of Christ, Unification Church

"The Oscar-nominated film "Women Talking" begins in a revelation of horror: The girls and women of a rural Mennonite community are being systematically drugged and raped in the night. The men of the community insist that their attackers are ghosts and demons, and as bizarre as that sounds, the women have accepted it. Then a child catches sight of one of the community's men as he assaults a woman. Soon an entire group of men is arrested.

Rather than stand by their mothers, wives and daughters, the men of the community leave to bail the perpetrators out, telling the women they have two days to come around to forgiving their attackers for what they have done. As a group, the women must decide how to proceed—"forgive" (i.e., do nothing); stay and fight back; or leave the community forever.

"Women Talking" is an exploration of the way that religion can be used to imprison people—and what's worse, to teach them to imprison themselves."
"Melissa Allred is out to set examples with her life story, but it hasn't been easy.

First and foremost, she's out to prove she's a successful agricultural entrepreneur who can overcome obstacles and severe setbacks. She wants to be a leader in demonstrating that honeyberries can be a viable commercial  crop in Montana. Also called haskap, honeyberries are a sweet, juicy fruit that, although native to North America, haven't been cultivated on a wide scale in Montana.

Second, and more importantly, Allred wants to prove that women who come from psychologically abusive situations can find freedom.

Allred, who escaped from what she calls a "polygamist religious cult" that she was born into — where she was groomed to marry into a plural marriage and submit to her husband and the church — now owns and operates the largest honeyberry farm in Montana."
"Kevin O'Sullivan spent seven years inside the most secretive Catholic organisation in living memory – The Legionaries of Christ. He thought he was going to spread love and compassion: he ended up among disinformation and lies. He fled to save his sanity.

This is the story of how Kevin found, and then lost, his religion, and how he lost, and then found, his sexuality. On the way, the young teenager clings to what his mother has taught him: to be a good boy. The journey brings him face to face with difficult truths, and ultimately to a far deeper knowledge of himself, as he finds out who he doesn't want to be.

It's a story full of hope about discovering what matters to each of us, even if we don't like some of what we find."

"The Unification Church, a powerful religious group commonly derided as 'The Moonies', is under investigation for its role in Japanese politics following the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Some call it a cult, while others say the church's aim is world peace."

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